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  1. Made out on the lake in the little boat this weekend. I have an '84 honda 4-cycle 10 horse. My Dad bought it new, and we've been using it on the little boat, and as a trolling motor on the big boat since.

    Ran a little rough on Saturday. Hard to start and keep running. I did get it running ok once it warmed up, but did not want to idle. It will run at a trolling speed, but trying to troll slower with the waves on Saturday proved to be a pain in the but. Quit on me twice before I gave in and just trolled at 3mph.

    That afternoon I pulled all the fuel filters off, checked and cleaned them. I dumped out the gas form last December. There was a little junk, and some water in the tank. Rinsed that out with fresh gas several times, and then filled it with fresh gas. Ran the motor in the driveway in a garbage can. Seemed to run better, and idled down a little more, but still dies.

    This week I'm planning on replacing the spark plugs, and probably the timing belt. I think the timing belt is original to the motor, I'm sure replacing this is just good preventative maintenance anyway.

    Any of you guys have any thoughts on this. Something to check??? maybe replace???

    Any input would help. Thanks!

  2. Fishing Report

    Your Name / Boat Name:





    Time on Water:7:30


    Wind Speed/Direction: MW 5-10

    Waves: ~1-1.5

    Surface Temp:41-45

    Location: Sandy Creek

    LAT/LONG (GPS Cords):




    Total Hits: 4

    Total Boated: 2

    Species Breakdown: Brown Trout

    Hot Lure: Gold/Silver and Black/Silver

    Trolling Speed: ~2.5

    Down Speed:

    Boat Depth: 5-10

    Lure Depth: 2-5




    I had a short window of opportunity to go fishing Saturday out of Sandy Creek. I was on the lake, and setting up by 7:30am, had to quit at 9.

    Lost 1 fish right off the bat while setting up, pulled the line out of my hand while trying to get it into the release. Fished for another 45 mins without moving a rod. A little junk in the water collecting on my rapalas, quickly fixed that problem, and then I was right back on em. After that fix boated 2 browns, and lost another just as I was getting ready to pick up and head in at 9am.

    Good temp, 41-45, with good color. 75 foot leads with black/silver, black/gold rapalas, #9 size.

    Kept a really porky brown for sunday dinner, 5-6lbs, with two smelt in it's stomach.

    Hopefully we'll have decent weather again next weekend to get back out.

  3. Trying to get my new canvas job done. Top is is almost done, and I just got the clear vinyl for new windows and drop curtains. A few more afternoons on the weekends and we'll be fishing in a new weather proof, and WATER PROOF enclosure. Should be done just after the docks are in a Sandy Creek.

    I will post pictures of the project once I get it complete.

  4. LOL, this is funny. I went out to the barn on Monday evening and got my fish log out of the boat too. I've been looking at it on and off throughout the week. Gets the gears turning in my head, and coming up with game plans.

    I'll be trying to make my escape also. I really hope this weather holds out like they say it will.

    We just moved last fall, and I'm fishing out of new port, Sandy Creek. I've been looking forward to fishing out there since we moved. 30 min drive from the house.

    Sharkbait, every dollar that you spend on fishing is money well spent. LOL

  5. Think about how much sales tax is lost on $2 million, I think about $160,000, at a 8% rate. That's not including the state income tax that folks earn from that $2 million from tourist.

    I don't know who is doing the math, but I have a feeling that mathematics was not their strong subject.

  6. Go with Inddian Mountain Archery. The best bow buying experience I've ever had. Phil really knows what he's doing. I got a mission X3 from him last winter. I love the bow, and kills deer to boot.

    Phil set up the bow, and when you pick it up you have to come on a day when the shop isn't open. He sets aside a 2 hour window to work with you, and make sure the bow fits you, and shoots fixed blade broad heads as good as field points. I've been shooting a bow since I was 10 years old, he helped me to improve my form. Now I'm drilling arrows in the backyard out 50 yards.

    Can't say enough about Matthew's or Indian Mt. Archery

  7. Maybe some of us have seen this, I'm sure some haven't. I got this link through Billy V's blog spot on his website. Thanks Bill for posting the link on your website.

    http://bewarenywind.blogspot.com/2009/1 ... d-for.html

    Not only is the entire Mexico Bay basin in trouble, but various other areas on the Lake, including the Niagara Bar, the entire area From Braddocks to Webster. Sodus, and varios other spots. First alarm to me when I saw this is how does one set a footer/foundation for a 500 ft windmill in 15,000 years of river sediment???

    I'm wondering how many other groups out there, like the Rochester Yacht Club, know how much lake they stand to loose?? I know we all at one point or another have had our problems with the blow boats, but we should consider getting them involved in the fight as well. I'm sure there are a lot of other Lake Ontario related groups that would love to join the fight.

    They, who ever they is, say that there will be no exclusion zone. I doubt that, especially in the post 9-11 era. Even if they promised that in writing before hand, there is no way the Feds will let that fly.

    For the same amount of money they will spend on this project, they could add on another nuclear reactor to 9 mile, and produce 10 times the amount of RELIABLE electricity.

    Billy V I hope you don't mind me posting the link here. I just wanted all the guys here to be able to see where ALL of the proposed offshore wind projects are.

  8. To add to Sean Youngblood's comments,

    I found more smelt in fish stomachs last fishing season than what I have seen in a very long time. I've been fishing since I was 4, 1978. Also there was die off of yearling smelt, and some adults, on the Niagara Bar, early last june, possible thermal shock from up welling, maybe an indication of a good year class.

    I have mostly fished in the past in the Sodus/Pultneyville area of the lake, and notice the same trends there last season. Most of the smelt I caught were eaten by steelhead, and most of those smelt, roughly 80%, were yearlings. I'd have to look at my log book, but we ended up with one pretty nice steelie last year, ~10lbs., that fish had almost 20 smelt in his stomach, I think 3 of those were adult, the rest were yearlings.

    Just some food for thought. I think there is a couple pretty good year classes of smelt in the lake, despite what the DEC says.

  9. Trannyman,

    Would love to make a run straight accross from Sandy Creek someday, just need to find a brave enough crew, LOL, and stay a few nights right there in Wellington.

    We fished the Bone a couple of times and did well there too. We fished out of my Uncle's big brown Starcraft. Kept the boat in a slip at Wellington at a sort of bed and breakfast place with a couple different cottages right there in the harbor. The gentleman's name was Tommy. I forgot his wife's name. I belive they were Irish. I remember the breakfast was as good as the fishing, and at night we had poached salmon fillets and home fries.

    BOY!! I really need to go back there, LOL

    I'll let you know when I'm coming!!

  10. Gill-T

    I've never fish the Scotch Bonnet Gap, however as a kid we used trailer around the pound to Wellington and fish the Scotch Bonnet Shoal. Usually mid to late July, depending on weather conditions of that season were the best times. Great mid summer salmon fishing. Lots of bait and salmon hanging around the structure that's there. A double was not an unusual thing, and that was under the old rules as stated by BoarderLine. I haven't been over since 1993, and as you know the lake is a completely different animal now from what is was then.

    Would be fun to try it.

    Good luck!

  11. I've got a set of the cannon planer board reels on my boat. I was just out to the barn this evening working on the boat and notice one of the reels was loosening from the mounting base. As I stripped the tow line off the reel it came apart. I really like these reels alot, and would like to get this one fixed. Anyone know of a place that services cannon products??? Cannon's website wasn't real helpful unfortunately.

    I'd fix it myself, but looking at it I can't figure out how it comes apart.

  12. Depending on depth, and water conditions I run straight rapalas, size 5 to 11, and the jointed ones sizes 7 to 11. If it's super early, before the big boat goes in the water, and the warmest water is really cold, like 38-40 degrees, I tend to run the smaller stick baits as I have a tendency to troll slower and shallower (water depth 4-5 feet), and the smaller stickbaits run a little better at slower speeds. Once the big boat is out storage, and the spring fishing season is in full swing, I tend to run the 9-11 sizes. I also run Bombers, Smithwicks, Yozuri. My favorite spring colors are perch, black and silver, gold and silver, and gobi.

    This is just a base for me to start a game plan for that day of fishing. As you know when it comes to catching fish anything goes.

  13. I remember when I was younger a bunch guys went out the Galloo Island in Lake Ontario and exterminated a bunch themselves. No one knew who they were, no one knew anything.

    I think they finally did get caught, but it took a long time for the story to get out and around enough.

    Maybe a flash light, and .22 shorts, or CB caps will help the problem. Just food for thought.

  14. Just a thought....

    How fast can you clear a dipsey rigged like this out of the way during a major fish-on!! fire drill??

    If there is no fish pulling on the spring and release, seems like it would want to dive, and therefore make it really difficult to get a dipsey out of the way.

  15. If you go to Brett's Place on the Bay just pay attention to what pound copper the reel is rigged with. Some of his reels that are already rigged come with a lighter test copper line, 30 lb. Typical copper set-ups are rigged with 45 lb. copper to acheive the proper sink rate.

    As for my set-ups, 450' 45 lb. copper on a Okuma CV55-L, and a 400' 45 lb. on the same model reel. I just started playing around with this last year, and hoping to have more time on the water this year to perfect my techniques.

    Good luck

  16. I wouldn't over look Chicory either. Deer and Turkeys will eat it. I just read some stuff on chicory this winter in the Conservationist. It's a native New York plant, and besides good nutrition, it offers deer some medicinal releif from from parasites in their digestive system.

    As Legacy pointed out above clover is a good to grow too. It's great for food plots, and only a fraction of the cost of alfalpha. The clover and the chicory could be grown together in the same food plot.

    I'm currently doing a little homework on this when I have the time this winter. My neighbor and I are planning on planting several food plots on our surrounding land. Lots of good sources on the internet, and place to buy seeds.

    Good luck!

  17. Thanks Big Easy for your input. I'm in the "doing my homework" part of this process. I've have seen the material that you have on your boat, it looks like awesome stuff. Looks great on your boat. I have to add, Nice Ride!!

    I'm currently looking at the step down from the supreme and go with the Sunbrella plus. Two reasons... the main one is, although my sewing machine is heavy duty, I don't think it will drive the thread and needle size needed for the supreme. The second is that my boat, when not on the lake, is in my barn, therefore the only weather and sun it's goin to see is when I'm fishing. I think the base sunbrella is just too light. So that's my reasoning in deciding what material.

    On another note... My wife and I just moved up to Bergen from the southern tier. I'm looking forward to do some more fishing on the west end of the lake, from the Oak, Wilson, and of Course Olcott. I've fished all my life in the Sodus area, only making to the west end on occassion, and to fish the Niagara ProAm. Looking forward this year to making a regular trip on the west end, and learning a new area of the lake. I'll keep a look out for your boat when I fish out of Olcott. I'm in a tan 21' Sportcraft. No name on the boat yet, but hopefully this summer there will be.

    Thanks again for the input, I appreciate it.

  18. I may be mistaken, but aren't the rest of the great lakes on the 3 rod rule??

    Regardless, it will give fishermen and women more opportunities to catch fish, and thereby increasing thier enjoyment of the fishery. If thier enjoyment increases, they'll want to fish more, and spend more money in the local fishing communities along the lake. I'm not a rocket scientist, but to me the math is easy.

    And... of coarse out of state fisherman should enjoy the same privilages as resident fisherman. Think about it for minute, lots of us out there are out of state fisherman, and on top of that all the out of state charter clients.

    I'm sure this 3 rod rule would be great for our charter captians too. They might even see an increase in bussiness. Perhaps some of the first mates out there will find themselves 33% busier in the back of the boat. LOL

  19. With the boat in the barn for the winter I'm gathering up all the materials for replacing the canvas on my boat. My question is about material. I'm looking at the Sunbrella products. Either the standard Sunbrella material, or Sunbrella Plus(treated with acrylic). I do fish some rainy days, anything from a drizzle to a down poor. I keep my boat on the trailer in the barn so the only bad weather it will see is when I'm fishing, or when I've got it in a slip on fishing trips.

    Just looking for some input on what some of you guys have on your boats. There is a price different between the two, and there are more colors to choose from with the standard material.

    Any input will help. Thanks in advance.

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