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  1. Here's a great bear recipe to try.

    Preheat your oven to 400 degrees.

    Take your cut of bear meat.

    Wrap it around a 2X4 with wire or other means to hold onto the 2X4.

    Bake for 2 hours, occasionally basting it with beef bulloun.

    Take the meat and the 2X4 out of the oven and remove the meat.

    Throw the meat to dog, and eat the 2x4.


  2. Thanks you guys for all the info, I appreciate it. Gives me a great place to start and something else to think about and figure out while in the tree stand.

    Tree Top Flyer, I've heard nightmarish stories about having to rebuild that motor. I pray I never have to do it. You should be granted sainthood for having to do it. :)

  3. I may have some room in my barn.

    My Wife and I just moved to a new place in Bergen. I think with a little rearrangement of stuff I can get you you in. I would just need the overall length of your boat and trailer. Unfortunately it's got a dirt floor, but it is weather proof. I have a small farm tractor so getting it out in March would not be a problem.

    Let me know if you're interested.

  4. Now that the boat is winterized I'm looking ahead at projects on the boat to keep me busy this winter.

    The hull of my boat has a thin coat of spray paint on it. Not sure why the previous owner did that, I'm assuming he did that instead of a gelcoat polish job. Now it's starting to look worse than it did before as the paint is coming off from dock rub, and the occassion collision from a downrigger ball. Does anybody have any good methobs to get the spray paint off without messing up the gelcoat???? I'd like to take off the paint, and then get a coat of polish on the gelcoat. Would make for a much nicer looking boat.

    Ok now for the starter question....

    I just winterized the boat a couple of weeks ago. During the process of the intial start-up to get the engine and outdrive warm the engine started hard. Unfortunately due to moving to a new house my boat sat for almost two months, obviously a lot of engines would start a little hard. Apparently there was such a draw from the battery that the battery posts got so hot they melted. I've never had that happen before. I'm starting to think that perhaps my starter motor is on it's way out, and causing a super strong draw, or perhaps something else, like a short somewhere??? It's a mercruiser 3.7Liter. I haven't had a lot to get a voltage meter out and check the resistance, but I'm thinking that may be a place to start. Any insight to that would help too.

    Just trying to get a jump on this stuff so that when deer season ends I've got my head screwed on straight.



  5. I agree with you Gambler. They're all crooked.

    To me it's another potential way that they can make money from us without taxing us. I don't think it's for any increase in any kind of safety. My boat is 21', but I do have a 14' motor boat I like to use in March just after ice out. I think I'll take my chances, if something does happen while I'm trolling that early, I'll just stand on bottom and walk to shore. LOL

  6. Unfortunately jimski2, we are stuck with all those clowns for another year and half. :@ There are very few that are actually smart, and working hard for us.

    Perhaps I should run... no... I don't think I got the brains to even figure out the huge mess that has been created. The arguing and fighting in Albany needs to stop, and they all need to come together as team, representing us, and figure out the real problems, and stop spending so much dam money. I've said this before to my wife and family, if it wasn't for my family and the fishing in Lake Ontario, I would've not moved back here after my service in the Navy.

    You guys are right though, it's a no-brainer as far as getting my daughter her lifetime license. Even if she doesn't get into hunting or fishing all that much. To me it's a great gift to her, in that I plan on spending a lifetime sharing my outdoor experiences with her.

  7. We had a big fish break off between the treble and the single hook during the prefish for the Wayne County ProAm. The fly was brand new out of the box that morning. I do admit it was on a dipsey, but we do keep close tract of drags when playing big fish. Not sure what happened, but this gives some good insight and things to keep in mind.

    Glad you guys had fun at the Scotty. Fun is what it's all about. But always nice to take home some money, :)

  8. I want to get my daughter her lifetime fishing license, but it looks like just to buy her a fishing license is more expensive than getting her the sportsman or sportwoman in her case, lol. Miss Pearl may be only 10 months old, but looks like she'll be getting a life time sportswoman license. I hope she likes fishing and hunting! With the last name Jolliff it's in her blood. LOL

    Thanks for sharing the link!

  9. I agree with the majority here. I like the way it's run, it's a quality event. Although as an amature I also would like to have that half hour back, and more running time. It is, in some cases, hard to get where you need to go in 15 minutes, especially in a 22 foot boat when the waves are 2-4 feet or bigger.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't used to be fish till 2pm, and in the piers by 3pm, Instead of just in the piers by 2pm? Perhaps that discussion should be tabled. Any thoughts??

    If we don't get the half hour back and more running time in the morning, that's fine too. I'm still going fish. I only get to fish 2 of these a year due to the time and money constraints, but it's always the best spent money, and always a great time with friends, and meeting new people.

  10. Fishing Report

    Boat Name: Jolly II





    Time on Water:9:30am

    Weather/Temp: ~70

    Wind Speed/Direction:10-20/NW

    Waves: 3-5'

    Surface Temp:~70

    Location: Hughes Marina

    LAT/LONG (GPS Cords):




    Total Hits: 4

    Total Boated: 4

    Species Breakdown: 2 browns, 1 chinook, 1 steelhead

    Hot Lure: Stinger NBK

    Trolling Speed: 2.0-2.5

    Down Speed: Dead Battery :@

    Boat Depth: 120-150

    Lure Depth: 100-110




    Not a spetacular day of fishing, but still caught fish :) .

    No down speed due to a dead battery, but used my old temp probe for down temp.

    Themocline was deep, 53 degrees with 120 feet of cable out.

    Controlling Boat speed was deffinately an issue for us. Seemed to be a strong easterly flowing surface current, plus 3-5 footers didn't help much, wish I had the Moor up and running

    Marked fish and bait from 80' to the bottom, not a great picture, but not a bad one either.

    Stinger NBK, statndard size, took 3 fish down 105. One nice brown about 10-12 lbs.

    No big chinooks, just the one about 10lbs. Kept him for the grill.

    Just a side note, found the biggest alewife I've ever seen in that chinooks stomach. It was closing in on being an NK M-80 size alewife. I think mag spoons will be ran in my arsenal for the rest of the summer.

  11. Dale,

    I'll be up this weekend to get in on some of this hot action, just been really f'n busy with stuff.

    We are currently in the middle of selling our house, and buying another. We should have all the mortgage approvals done by next week. The new house is nice, almost 8 acres, barn, 2 car garage, huge yard for Pearl and Finn to play in. The only down shot is that we are going to be living in Bergen and I'm going to be fishing out of Sandy Creek or the Oak. So after fishing out of Hughe's since I was 10 years old (except my navy years) I now have to figure out a new part of the lake.

  12. Thanks guys for all the at-a-boys!!! Means a lot coming from quality fishermen like you all.

    Being part of team that took the grand prize in the LOC is something I've been dreaming about since I was 10. I can't believe it actually happened. What's next??? As Dave said above we got to get our heads put together and come up with a good ProAm finish.

    I've been fishing since with my Dad since I was 4, and have loved it since. I love fishing the tournaments, just wish I could do all of them. Thanks to everyone for making it fun. The best money I spend is on fishing and fishing the tourneys, and of course the little bracelets and stuff I get my wife to insure I get a kitchen pass every weekend. lol

    Thanks Pat and Dave for letting me join you guys again this year, let's get another fish on the board next month in the fall LOC.


  13. Dale,

    Nice Kings!! We were experiencning the same thing with hook-ups over the weekend. We dropped as many fish as we caught during the pre-fish on Friday. All our bites this weekend, except for one, were all flasher/flies. Only one fish on a spoon, and it weighed 8lbs. Bite was half on wire divers, half on riggers. We never ran any copper, would've like to have tried though.

    Lots of big kings out there. Looking forward to the rest of the summer, and the LOC. Hopefully put another fish on the board.

    I'm hoping to get up there a week from Saturday and boat some more fish.


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