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  1. Hey Brett,

    Saw you guys pulling away from the dock on Sunday morning as we were pulling in the parking lot with the boat on the trailer.

    It was a tough morning out there, we ended 1 for 2. Just a single steelie and broke a nice steelie off right at the boat. Lots of warm water, and a very strong easterly current equals tough fishing. Hopefully that will improve before next weekend.

  2. Nice job you guys. We were able to put a few steelies in the boat yesterday after I talked to you guys. I think we ended up with 4 steelies and a small brown, and lost another three fish. Really good picture 60-100 FOW where we were catching those fish. Really blank screen out deep. I did hear of a couple nice kings caught the day before, in fact one is sitting on the board right now. Hopefully next weekend that off shore picture will improve.

  3. That's good news!!! Thanks for sharing.

    It really chapped me when I found out at the state of lake meeting that the shipping industry had filed a law suit against the state of New York for the new regulations.

    I think perhaps the Great Lakes Charter Captains, Lake Michigans commerial fisherman and others, and all of the Great Lakes Stake holders should file a law suit against the Shipping companies for ruining such economically viable fisheries in this region of North America.

    Just a thought.

  4. Thanks Pike Hunter, we didn't get into the big Kings, but it was a great day considering that coho and that atlantic.

    LongLine, I was running my high rigger 100' back, that was 20 down, even took a dink on a free slide on that set-up. Couldn't have been down more that 10-12'. My two deep riggers were 50 and 60 down, and then later on 65 and 75 down, I was running those spoons 50' back.

    I had 2 top lines off the boards for the first few hours, cycled through my best steelie plugs, and never had touch.

    I had my buddy from work and his son and his son's friend aboard yesterday. We had a lot of fun keeping those two boys busy. They're looking forward to their next trip already.

  5. Good day on the water yesterday. Mixed box of chinooks, cohos, steelies, and one atlantic. Worked a north/south troll, 100-130 FOW. Most of our bites were on the riggers, 20-75' down, 7 fish came on wonder bread Stingers, steelie stoper took a few up top, and tuxedo took a few down deeper. Took a good rip on a dipsy our 240', fish managed to take a green e-chip and hammer fly when the sampo swivel boke. Would like to have that one back. Our bigger fish came deeper, below 50'. A few dinks thrown in the mix too, nice to see a good number young ones out there considering that they are suspose to be a weak year class. All but one had adapose finclips. The nicest fish of our trip was a coho at 11 pounds, and the atlantic was 6. It will be a long time before we put another coho or atlantic of that quality in the boat agian. Good fishing out there, go out and get em!

  6. I think there an attempt to should be made by us, through our fishing and charter organizations to educate our BP offices on our method of madness on the lake. I do believe fair warning should be given to any boat that is going to be pulled over or borded, whether sheriff, coast guard, or BP. If we have lost the right to only be boarded when doing suspicous activities, then we at least deserve the respect by our protectors to clear our tackle in order to make their job easier. I know this is the sign of the times, but given up some of these little freedoms I feel is not the way to protect us.

    I know these guys have a job to do, but this is not the Mexican border, there are whole lot of other activities that people partake in on our lake, and they should be educated on these activities.

    I only feel that if for some reason a fisherman loses tackle in an inccident such as this, or anyone that has been subject to damages, then that individual should be able to submit a bill to replace that tackle, or to fix damages.

    Just a couple thoughts to add to this thread.


  7. I've got a short shaft on my sportcraft. I works fine, but I do have some problems once the waves get to 3 feet. If this motor is just goint to be used on your islander, then go with a long shaft. If I get the chance I'm going to replace my motor with a long shaft, better for a trolling motor application.

  8. BP,

    A similar thing happened to me pike fishing in Sodus years ago. I was drifting along casting spinners towards Eagle Island, good spot for pike when conditions are good. Well... I look and the boat that was fishing north of me decides to move south in my direction, not even fishing, just motoring. I'm actually pretty close to shore, casting distance to the weedline, and he decides to motor between me and where I'm fishing. No other boats around, he had the whole bay to the outside of me. I was just out of the Navy, and had a lot of piss and vinegar running through my veins :devil: , so besides a WTF look I gave hime, I casted my spinner right at his boat. That irritated him, but it got his attention, and I told him to think about what he was doing. It didn't go any further, but I deffinately felt violated. Especially since I was getting a couple pike and some bass too.

    As far as salmon fishing, I'll avoid the pack, but if I'm catching fish I'll fish a pack too. Most times there is not any problems with anybody, everybody respects each other. There 1 or 2 boats out there that just think they own lake no matter what. Those are the boats I avoid, and give lots of room.

  9. Part of the reason why many of the browns have been so small in recent years is that those fish are stocked fish that came from the Altmar Hachery. Those fish, whether steelhead or browntrout, tend to be smaller when stocked in the spring, usually 10-12 fish per pound. When the browns come from other hatheries, example Caledonia, those fish are much bigger when stock, 2-3 fish per pound. Altmar has a lot of cold water that feeds the hachery in the spring, during critical growth periods for the browns. If the water was warmer, around 50-55 degrees, those same fish would be much bigger when stocked, and therefore have a good jump start in the lake.

    They may be small, but still fun to catch. Put them back and next year those fish will be our 5-10 pounders.

  10. I think you are talking about Salmon Trackers. That is exactly what I have on my boat. I know who ever made them doesn't make them any more, so the only way to get them to find them used somewhere. Wish I could find some myself, would be nice to have a couple spares.

  11. Would've posted earlier, but I haven't seen a computer for awhile.

    Sunday morning we got a late start, set-up at 8:30am. Sticks off the boards, and brownie spoons in the riggers 1' down. Worked water east of port, lots of clear water. Finally found some water with the slightest tint to it, temp jumped up a degree, and we hooked up. Stayed on that small pocket of water the rest of the morning, 2 steelies, 5 browns. Usual stickbaits, black and silver, black and gold, and a plain copper stinger got us 2 fish off the riggers. Bonus was 2 perch, and 2 really nice smallies. Off the water by noon.

    One of the smallies was 4lbs, biggest one I've ever seen. Must be the goby diet is pretty good!

    Weekend (4/18) before was not as good for us. 2 for 3 for the Morning, and we ended up all the way down to Sodus Bay to find the stained water. Temp there was bumping 48.5, and we had all our action right there. Both fish came on dirty white boy stingers in the riggers 1' down, dropped fish on black/gold rapala. Lots of boats out. Glad we all respected each others space fishing that close together.

    See you guys on the water.

  12. Joe


    Bill Jolliff

    Jolly Products

    713 Boston Rd

    Ontario, NY 14519


    [email protected]

    Bill sent me some new releases and replacement pads for my old ones last year, great product


    Joe, Depending on where you live and fish you could probably pick them up right at the house in Ontario. Bill is my Dad and he sells quite a few right to fisherman.

    The work great, that is all I've ever had on my boat. ;)

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