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  1. The most important part of the dead salmon in the rivers is they are a source of food for the young salmon fry after they consume their yoke sacks. This "baby fish food" gets them to a size big enough to consume other sources of food, such as insects. It really is a perfect plan.

  2. I was surprised at first to see the temps fluctuate 20 feet or so from day to day but once I figured it wasn't lying I was darn glad I bought it.

    There have been times where the temperature has fluctuated 20 feet in the same day.  I know it's hard to beleive the instrument sometimes, but with a good battery in it, it won't lie.

  3. You deffinately have the right idea.  But I have found in the past that sometimes the browns can be very temperature tolerant, and have found them in water 60 degrees.  I'm sure there are other guys on here that have caught them in similar water, and probably even warmer. 


    Another thing that you should consider looking at is a good navigation chart, that will show you any nuainces in the bottom, like ridges running north of points, or drop offs.  Many times after warm water moves in those areas can hold pockets of colder water, and the browns will move right into those spots, instead of moving out into deeper water. 


    I used to work for a captain out of Sodus when I was kid, and when ever warm water got blown in he knew of a few places that would hold cold water, and there were browns there every time.


    Good Luck.

  4. You could try Cape Vincent.  The boat launch area, northeast of the village, is a decent spot to fish for pike from shore.  I think the water there gets deep pretty quickly, and they might hang there if there is a little cooler water this time of year. 

    I used to fish there a lot in the winter through the ice with my Uncle, set out 10 tip ups, then go sit in the car and listen the Syracuse basketball game.  We always caught pike there.

  5. Sorry for posting this late, but it's when all is quiet here. Fished the same water as yesterday, close to start, then out to 100-110. Better picture out deeper today, but still a grind bite. We ended 3 for 4, 2 dinks and another good king that took the 350 copper with green dot spiny and hammer fly. That rig would go for another ride at 11am, right before we quit.

    Brian, you're right, the park here is amazing, great facilities, great beach, the bay and the lake for fishing, we're deffinately having fun.

  6. I haven't fished for smallmouth in a long time, and when I did do a lot of it, it was from the Wayne County shores. 


    Another place out of Sandy you might want to try is off of Devil's Nose.  It's the point that is just west of the Hamlin State Park Beaches, you can't miss it.  There is some pretty good structure there, but just be careful if you're in really tight, there are some boat eating rocks.


    Good Luck!

  7. Last June my neighbor started the Western NY Chapter of Hunters Helping Soldiers.  It's the newest chapter in the national organization, for more informaiton here's the website.




    We are currently planning on hosting a golf tournament at Chestnut Hills Country Club in Darien Center, NY, on August 10th.  This event will hopefully raise a little money for our chapter so that we can better enhance the outdoor experience that we take out Veterans on.


    So far this year we taken a retired Air Force Vet on a bear in Quebec, we took another combat vet on a bass fishing trip on Conesus Lake with WBEE radio host Jeremy Newman, and in July we are taking 2 more combat vets on a fishing trip on Lake Ontario.  This is just an example of some of the things we do with the veterans, and what we use our funds for.


    I know we all fish, but some of us might also like to golf, or no some one who might like to golf and help support our chapter, and help us grow.  Attached below is the flyer.


    If you have any questions, feel free to PM me.  Thanks Guys!!!


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