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  1. 13 hours ago, rolmops said:


    Presidents do make laws in 2 ways. They can give executive orders and although they are not laws as such, they might as well be, and they have to sign off on every law that passes congress which they may or may not do.

    As for who makes laws. Usually a special interest group -lobby- convinces a member of congress that a certain law should be proposed and after that has been done, the lobbyists write that law being very careful to write 2000 or more pages to make sure that nobody will read the small print in which any and all special desires of the special interest group are satisfied.

    When that is all done some member of congress claims to have proposed and written the law and the lobby will reward him with bigger donations while the special interest group represented by this lobbyist will get a lot richer.

    And this is how we got Obama care, Pelosi said "just pass it we'll read it later" Great left wing moon bat mentality!!!

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