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    Fished Sat and Sun mornings. Only boxed one major but it was a good one. 27.5 lbs. (same fish in both pics). Ate a meat rig 75/155 just north of SR. Rhys head, Atommik UV Grinch twinkies, I buy components and tie my own. Pretty rare to have a rigger fish rip off 500 feet on line! Also been a while before we have topped 25 lbs on my boat.


    I’ve always said one fish can make the trip a success and this one certainly did. Been a tough year finding time to fish for me. Work is nuts, busy family, and weather has killed a few opportunities. Reports have not been the best, but we sent it anyway. Like always. . Fished with good friends 2 perfect mornings on a pretty Lady O. Another memory in the bank. Truly blessed to be able to do this.


    Camped at the Oswego speedway and watched the Supers put on a great show Saturday night. Been going for 30+ years and never disappointed.



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  2. Same here. I live in PA 2 miles from the NY border. Less than an hour from 3 of the Finger Lakes. I haven’t been to my camp on the Salmon River since this started. My drift boat and lake boat sit in the driveway. Still working an essential job. My wife works in healthcare. We have stayed home except for work. We don’t risk getting family or friends sick. I’m as big a fisherman as anybody out there. Sucks but just waiting it out. Feels like the right thing to do.

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  3. I hear the both of u on that it's bull sh . They did it again this morning. No need for me to call DEC either. They know the spot gets hunted hard every day, easy for them to check everybody too. Parking tickets as well could be handed out, cuz the duck hunters can't read a sign. Lots of money to be had down there to pay for the new trucks they all got. o yeah the 2018 just came out.....

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    Call them in. It will continue until you do. If they don’t have a dog or boat, then they shouldn’t even be duck hunting. Total waste of the resource. Federal wildlife crimes are taken seriously. It will cost them gear and lots of $$$$. Laws exist because relying on ethics doesn’t work unfortunately.

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  4. Driftboat works great on he Chemung if you want a stable fishing platform. Good for kids too. Have to row a lot though once the water drops depending on which section you float.

  5. I sometimes use the small-sized dipsey to stack a spoon/plug/naked meat.  Set it on 3, let out 25 ft of line, clip in stacker release set 20 ft above the ball.  That way the spoon/plug rides close to the same depth as the ball, in temp, but off to the side so when it fires it doesn't tangle.  Works great some days.  But some days it's too much stuff in the zone and turns them off.

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