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  1. Lowrance HD 9

    Seems to get pretty hot then shuts down, its on the dash behind the windshield but fully open besides the windshield.

    It is fused to a group 31 battery that also powers 2 riggers, nothing else on the battery. It does not shut down or show interference when riggers are running. The screen is almost too hot to touch. I'm thinking it shuts down due to heat but want to see if anyone has similar problems. I am planning on shading to windshield.  

    thanks Scott

  2. On 8/10/2021 at 7:47 AM, djbobert8 said:

    Out here right now, thank you for the info. My temperature probe isn't working correctly today is there anybody able to help out where I'll find good temps in 300 to 500'? Thank you in advance!

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    try to turn up the gain on you fish finder and maybe it will pick up the thermo cline.

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  3. that's awful close to the release line, I would think tangle city, unless both lines were the same set back and same lure so they dropped exactly the same speed. Maybe if the ball line was a diver lure to pull it down faster it would work, good luck, report back on it

  4. On 7/26/2021 at 11:40 AM, spoonfed-1 said:

    I see. My dual outboard boat had the connection in front of the motors and it worked really nice. 200 yamaha 15 hp honda. Everything was above the cables so no interference and I could easily disconnect the main, trim up the kicker and lock it in place to a third ball fitting located in the splashwell for running.

    Good luck with your decision.


    I have the same setup 115 to 8hp, 27years not one concern

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