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  1. Thank you for all the well wishes, Little Henry is doing great as a matter of fact the doctors are saying if he keeps up the great progress he may get to go home in 2 weeks...really is amazing the NICU at strong memorial hospital. They removed his IV the other day removed his oxygen the only thing left is the feeding tube so they can pump the calories to him. Can't wait to finally hold him...grandma got to hold him yesterday :)



  2. Henry Dennis Topping 3 lbs 12 oz's. Jan. 6th 2013 <------- On my moms birthday...my daughter had her baby this weekend 2 months early the baby and Amber are doing great! The bably is doing everything on his own no machines, but is going to be in the hospital until her original due date of March 3rd...very exciting times!!! So proud of her and him.



  3. With the track record feature you can play back from the begining or the end of the track. What I have found is that if you have a separate gps unit on the boat when you record a track mark the start of the track as a waypoint on your gps and store it as " start track A" and when you get to the end where you want to stop recording store it as "end track A" on your gps. Your motor is probably going to have a hard time playing back the track if you are going down stream with the bow going with the current unless your going at a pretty good clip I found this out fishing with a strong south wind, the motor always wants to keep the bow on track so if the wind is pushing your stern around the bow will stay on track but essentially the boat will be traveling down the lake sideways. Into the wind the thing is flawless! Especially if you are using the anchor feature. I tried it out when I wanted to clean some stuff up on the boat and put away some gear, had a steady 15 mile an hour south wind pointed the bow into the wind and hit the anchor feature and that boat didn't move for 20 minutes while I was cleaning things up. These motors are very impressive extremely happy with my purchase.


  4. Mike,

    I know the feeling about writing a long report and having something happen only to erase it blah!!! Well once again a beautiful day on the "Brown Hownd" <---I think thats how you spelled it :lol: Les thats actually my son in the picture...but judging how big Mikes son is getting and how fast he's growing you will soon be seeing lots of pictures of him. We had a lot of fun...turned out to be a beautiful day...was a bit breezy but beautiful none the less. I also want to thank Laker Taker for the info!!! what a great help. Mark "Skipper19" thank you so much for the smoked salmon!!! It was delicious!!! So that I can give Kudos where Kudos are due thank you Andy "Chowder" for the simple tastey idea for ingredients...crackers...smoked salmon...tomato and sour cream.



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