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  1. The boat is stored elsewhere I will have to go to get some pics I have no idea how old it is so I would be open to an offer after you look at the pics I believe the steering wheel needs to be removed to get it off, it worked great when the boat was up and running. I fished alone often

  2. Thanks for the input,I purposely downsized to a 16' to trailer to the bay because my grandson lives only 5 min away. Looking forward to giving it a shot, he loves to fish.

  3. Thanks for the info, I was just looking back on last year and it had picked up about now,and I did see october is a bit better.I am just wondering if this year will be off because of the late spring and dry summer, I had talked to some that fish Erie and it was hot for a short time and shut down and never came back.It will be a learning experience so I am not expecting a lot I am just hoping for decent numbers my grandson is 8 and hope to keep him busy.

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  4. I have never fished for perch on either of the big lakes, so I am wondering about when does the Irondequoit Bay perch fishing pick up for the fall? I picked up some perch rigs which I have also never used, but going to give it a shot.My grandson is a fishing nut so I hope to have some luck with him.

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