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  1. Looking to upgrade my PFDs. I have several older Sterns life vests in my boat.  They are getting a little raggedy. My boat is pretty space challenged. Was thinking of getting several inflatable vests. Not looking to break the bank but looking for small, DEPENDABLE but affordable (not that I am putting a price tag on safety). If I go with inflatable do the cartridges have a shelf life and need to be replaced regularly ?

  2.  I fished the north shore today also. Hiked out of Edgewater. Defiantly a tough bite. Marked fish all day. Few short eyes and a few Perch. Beautiful day to be  out.Resized_20210226_160233001.thumb.jpeg.255adc04f5a94345b13112945ea3f32a.jpeg

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  3. 18 hours ago, Mike M said:

    We will start our early spring salmon fishing running a lot of straight running sticks like renowskis and bombers

    Renowskis are the cheapest quality lure I have ever used. Yes they are ok for Walleye But I have had more than one have the tail section broken off by big Walleyes. Last batch I bought I was lucky if 1 out of 4 didn't fill up with water right out of the package. I would like to see what a big King would do to one.

  4. To test the motor itself, bypassing the relays and relay wiring, find the two heavy gauge wires that lead to the trim/tilt pump motor. One should be green and the other blue. You will probably be able to find a quick disconnect plug near where the wires exit the outboard engine cover that you can disconnect. Ground one wire to any metal surface and provide +12 volts from the battery to the other. The motor should run in one direction or the other. Now reverse the wires and the motor should run in the other direction. This will at least tell you if the motor is operating, so that you will have a better idea of what the actual problem might be. You can also pull out a relay (one at a time) and place a temporary wire jumper inside the relay socket across terminal 87 (the +12DC input voltage source) and terminal 30 (the outgoing wire to the trim/tilt pump motor) to make the motor run. It is worth repeating here: The voltage and current flows through BOTH relays, therefore when testing be sure you have a complete circuit.

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