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  1. 9 hours ago, muskie141 said:

    Man I can't catch a laker out of hemlock or canadice to save my life. Can you share the depth you got that one at as well as how aggressive she wanted it? I got one bite, deadsticking a tube jig on the bottom in about 80 fow in canadice last Saturday. But that's about the only action I've had after fishing each lake about 5 times. I've tried aggressive, I've tried subtle, tried deep, tried shallow, tried morning, afternoon, evening. I get looks, and then lazy fish sinking back to the bottom. I'm going mad, and the window for safe ice is closing rapidly.

    I got that Laker yesterday at Canadice in 74fow. on a #7 Blue chrome jigging rap. I mostly fish with A tube jig but have been using Raps the last couple of trips with ok results. I was dead sticking it about 3' off the bottom. I had some Smelt Lottering around under my rap then a big mark peeled off the bottom to my jig I raised it a foot and it was game on. Canadice has been tough for me this year. I have marked fewer fish than in past years. The fish have been glued to the bottom more than past years and are less aggressive. I fished Hemlock 4 days last week 72fow to 85fow. Best day was 4 in 78fow. I marked even less fish their but found them more aggressive. Fish There were still very close to bottom but would chase your offerings up to about 10' which is about where I hooked most of my fish. I mix it up between jigging my bait and dead sticking. I have as good or better luck dead sticking until the fish appear. 10 in the morning till about 1 has been best for me. Lazy fish sinking back to the bottom can be Smelt or small Lakers. I have gotten some small 12" or so Lakers out of both lakes this year.

  2. Earlier this afternoon, Station was alerted to an ice floe that broke free stranding 7 people West of Catawaba Island. Station launched an airboat and ice rescue crew in conjunction with Catawba Island Volunteer Fire Department and US Coast Guard Air Station Detroit to rescue the stranded individuals. Please exercise extreme caution as the winds out of the South are causing areas of ice to break free. If you are headed onto the ice ensure you are prepared and monitor the weather closely. Remember no ice is safe ice. #IceRescue
  3.   I had this problem a few years ago on my 36volt Terrova. The 2 wires + -  were shorted out and melted in the tube between the lower unit and the head unit. I replaced both wires with slightly heavier gauge wire. Took a little time but wasn't that difficult. Been fine ever since.

  4. Few years ago on my 36volt Terrova. The positive wire from the lower unit to the head unit burned out. I had to run a new wire up threw the shaft. It has been fine since. That is the only time my system ready light wouldn't come on. When I opened up the lower housing it had a very strong burnt electric smell. Worth looking into

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  5.   Years ago when Slide Divers first came out . I bought some with 2 different size rings. I didn't use the Slide Divers much but I used the larger sized rings on my Dipsy Divers and they fit prefect. My question is do the performance rings for the Slide Divers that say they fit a #1 Slide Diver fit the 0 size Dipsy or would I need 00 Slide diver rings for a 0 dipsey. I don't see Performance rings for 00 Slide diver.

  6. 9 hours ago, PAP said:

    Depending on which end is busted I ran into the same dilemma, so I have 1 brand new one if its the one ya need just pay the shipping and I'll give the part!!! PAP.emoji1690.pngemoji1690.pngemoji869.png

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     Are you still using your ez steer ? Mine is the inner ball joint. The smaller one. Ez steer doesn't even have the inner one listed in the parts section just outer. Can't find one.  I use to have a spare whole tube assembly but sold it to a member on here looking for one.

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