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  1. I started using a product called Mushers secret on Hank's pads and found it helped a lot. It did nothing to stop the burrs but helped his pads to not get as tore up because of them. I recommend Lewis boots for dogs. They are expensive and kind of a pain  to put on but protect the dogs feet better than anything else I have tried. If you buy a set, pay for an extra, it sucks if one comes off and you only have 3. Kansas sounds like a great place to hunt. Hope you have a good time. Good luck!

  2. Had a great trip to Nebraska. Got into some pheasants, ducks and geese. Hank held up good considering the sand burrs and goat head burrs. We ended up putting his boots on for the last day of hunting. The sand burrs even stuck to the Lewis boots he was wearing. We hunted pheasants Thursday, Friday and got a field at the CO OP today and killed 2. The number of ducks and geese we saw in Nebraska was incredible. I am retiring somewhere closer to the central flyway. Good lucks and safe hunting.

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  3. Hunted pheasants in Nebraska today. Rolled into town yesterday morning and it was too hot to run Hank. We didn't have any luck but found roosted pheasant sign in every field we were in. Hank is hunting great. Hunting a pit blind on the Platte tomorrow. 20211108_065959.thumb.jpg.433799244baba594a72e660de6ee2eb8.jpg

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  4. Had a chance to hunt Thursday mid morning. Hank and I got an area that had been hunted already. We killed 1 rooster and saw another. The wind and sun were at my back and Hank was running right to left 20 yards in front of me when he turned and came right at me with his tail going 90 mph. The bird got up between Hank and I and I killed him. Today we killed 2 roosters in a half flooded field. Hank was going down a hedgerow and put a bird up. When I shot that bird, another got up and I killed him. It was my first double in a while. Good luck and safe hunting.

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  5. Hunted Savannah yesterday with a one of my best friends. We killed 3 roosters and should have had the fourth. Hank did his part, there was some missing going on on our part. I make it a point to rinse Hank's eyes with saline after hunting and was glad I did yesterday. We washed several seeds out and also a small piece of leaf. Hank looks like he's been through a war. He has scabs on his eyelids, nose, lips, ears and is missing hair on his front and back legs. He has 3 days to rest before hunting again this Thursday, Friday and Saturday, then 5 days to rest before South Dakota.

  6. It has been a busy couple of days off. I hunted pheasants with Hank on Monday. Had one bird get up 20 yds in front of the dog. He was a poke, I shot twice and never cut a feather. Yesterday we killed 4 roosters. Hank had another dog hunting with us and he was terrible. I think its a competition thing. He put up a bird wild and chased it to the woods. He did it again and I put him in his kennel, after having a heart to heart, and hunted with my brothers lab. This morning Hank was back to his usual self. We killed 2 roosters in a half an hour. He worked great. A guy I met a couple of weeks ago is in South Dakota and sent me some pics. They aren't shooting limits, but are killing birds everyday. 2 weeks, 1 day, 18 hours till I am out there, but who's counting.

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  7. I was able to get a area on the CO OP yesterday morning. I took a friend from work who has never shot a pheasant before. Must say, I have never hunted anything in that kind of rain, it was unreal. We put up six birds, shot 2 and Hank caught one. Hank put one of the birds up wild and knew he had done wrong immediately. The last bird we shot went in with just a broken wing. Hank was on the spot instantly but could not find the bird. He eventually tracked it down 15 yards from where it went down, burrowed in thick grass. We would have never found that bird without the dog. Good luck and safe hunting.

  8. 21 hours ago, longspurs said:

    Took my buddy's kid out this afternoon for the youth hunt at my lease . I took him out shooting a couple weeks ago so he wasn't scared of the gun (.243) when time comes.
    So I picked him up at 230 then stopped at DD for our iced coffees. Got to the lease and in the blind all set up around 4. We are looking over a huge Clover field and the wait begins. Every couple minutes I would look out the window to look for deer because the two of them are buried in their phones.... It was around 5:15 I looked out the window and there is a nice 8 point standing 140 yards away feeding looking right us. I already had the gun and bipod set up for a nice easy shot. He was getting ready to shoot but shaking like a leaf I had to calm him down. "It's just a deer " he's not going anywhere lol. A couple minutes goes by and the deer turns broadside. He says I'm ready. I told him whenever you have the crosshairs on him and your ready shoot. Let me tell u when that gun went off and the deer dropped the blind was going crazy !!!! Hands down the best hunt I ever been on and will never forget. He was the happiest kid ever!!!IMG_20211009_172425.jpg

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    Awesome. Nothing like seeing youth hunters having opportunities like this.

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  9. Had a youth pheasant hunt yesterday and today. Yesterday we hunted at the Audubon center in Savannah. I took three kids and watched them all kill their first pheasant. Three of the birds died over a marsh so Hank got to make some water retrieves on pheasants. The shooting wasn't the greatest but it was a blast non the less. Today we hunted at the Cayuga Tompkins CO OP and had a great time. One of the boys with me had killed pheasants before but the other killed his first today. Conditions yesterday were great for Hank, a good wind with lots of moisture in the field. Today was a different story with no moisture and it was a little warmer. I am thankful I did as much conditioning work with Hank over the summer because he worked his ass off. Next week is the official opener of the season and I hope to have Hank out as much as possible before our trip to South Dakota and Nebraska in 3 weeks, 3 days, 6 hours and 7 minutes. But who is counting.

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  10. I participated in a youth hunt yesterday in the northern zone. I had 3 kids with me and Hank and they all killed 2 birds. Hank has been busy retrieving geese and he picked up right where he left off last year with the pheasants. I have youth hunts both Saturday and Sunday in October and can't wait to get Hank on more birds. I leave in early November for 5 days of hunting in South Dakota, then driving to Nebraska for 7 days of hunting with my son so every chance I get to hunt birds with the dog will put him in prime shape for the trip. Hope everyone is good and has a safe and successful hunting season.

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  11. We run torpedo divers whenever the conditions allow us. Off the planers, on leadcore and instead of having a 500' copper out, we run a 250' copper with a torpedo in front. It makes a difference when the fish get rigger weary. I have been catching walleyes on a local river running a thunderstick jr back 30' and a 4 or 8 oz. Diver in front to get it to depth.

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  12. 13 hours ago, troutman10 said:

    What a joke. Why do they even still have a taskforce??? Suggestions won't be considered. Theres too many groups to please in the western zone making someone always left out. The current management plan remains until western zone hunters get shafted again by the next 5 year management plan. 

    You're right, the Western zone is too big and it is impossible to make everyone happy considering the Finger Lakes hunters, and east of here, are lumped in with people hunting on Lake Erie. I have tried to split the zone with no luck.


    12 hours ago, Roys Boys said:

    3 split duck season the way to go.. end of September end of December  second or third week of January.. maybe 2 or three geese for youth season? For the kids lugging 2 dozen goose decoys 150 yards in a field to make be more memorable.. has anyone told the task force these are great dates? 100% of guys I talked to in flx ducks unlimited dinners and hunters at boat ramps said they’re horrible


    Federal regulations do not allow us to split it 3 times, that has nothing to do with the task force. The limit on geese is 1 for everyone, including youth hunters, there is no changing that until the limit goes up.  We get told every year what people think are great days for them, but what is good for us in the FLX is not good for everyone because of the size of the zone. What is your ideal weekend for the youth hunt?

  13. 9 hours ago, Roys Boys said:

    How about having a waterfowl season when birds are around? Or how about maybe having a youth season that kids can pull the trigger more then once on a common mallard..  I’d rather have a shorter season when you can actually shoot a bird then a long season with no birds around..

    Thanks for your opinion. It's been my experience when taking kids out for the youth weekend that they are excited to be out hunting. There are still loads of teal, wood ducks and other species to target, not to mention the opportunity to shoot a goose. Let me know when your ideal weekend for the youth hunt is and I will make that suggestion at next years meeting. Thanks again.

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