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  1. Cannon downriggers

    3 cannon, mag 10 & 20 hs riggers, serviced in 2016, just recently bench tested at a cannon service center. Two riggers have extension booms one has a fixed 2 ft fixed boom. 200.00 ea

    2 six ft fixed cannon booms , great for narrow beamed boats. They have dual rod holders on them. 25.00 ea

    # 315-719-2621 , 

  2. DB, Thanks for your involvement with the stocking, got a chance to see the Browns go in and was nice to see very little predation, little Browns were feeding on bugs within 5 minutes of stocking. we have an absolute world class fishery out there and I am grateful to be able to enjoy it every day, hats off to everyone involved.

  3. Hats off to everyone involved in putting on these tournaments, great job committee. after the stress of the weekend I felt like I was at club med on this mornings charter. 1000.00 a day was a nice bonus lead up to the tournament, my crew is already for next year, the nice weather sure makes things a lot easier for all the teams to get a good shot at the fish, looking forward to 2015. DB maybe with that new looking physic you will be able to walk around this winter and run a few rabbits, and stay on your feet.

    Predator team

  4. These new hawks are the real deal, battery life is great , temp holds down to 150 plus.

    The owner will work with you if there are any problems, also that little temp unit for dipsey & copper temps is a nice unit. You would be surprised where those dipseys are running some days. :yes::yes:

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