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  1. http://www.rapala.com/luhr-jensen/accessories/trolling-accessories/dipsy-diverandreg-snubber/Dipsy+Diver+Snubber.html?start=6&cgid=luhrjensen-accessories-trollingAccessories


    Check out the Features.  

    • Stretches out almost double its size, inner 115 lb. test braided cord keeps the Snubber from breaking

    I hardly ever check them until one breaks.  Then I usually end up changing a bunch because I realize the rubber is dry rotted.  Still, they usually last a decade...  Maybe, it's not like I write the date on them.  And when you have 20+/- dipsys you loose track.

  2. Good luck, let me know how the repower goes.  I have a 3.7 that I would love to drop a 4.3 or 5.0 in place of.  Never wanted to go there cause you'll need to replace everything, not just the block.  I think you might  even need to replace the outdrive, don't quote me on that.  I think the gear ratios are different between the 3.0 and the 3.7 and 4.3.  Definitely different than the 5.0. 

  3. I kinda wish I would have seen this to weigh in on Blackbird.


    I had a personal dealing with them a few years back when my buddy's 115 Merc(the good kiekhaefer mercs) puked a cylinder.  They rebuilt it for him.  Took forever as the pistons are no longer made, but the thing has functioned somewhat perfectly since.  We did have an issue that the stator fried the first time we took it out.  I can't pin them to the wall as the culprits.  But their shop is not the tidiest place on the face of the planet.  I always felt that they probably grabbed one that was laying around when they put his motor back together.  I can't really complain though, when we took it back they installed a new one while we waited.  Sucked having to go back a second time but they made it right.


    I would use them again in a heartbeat, with one stipulation.  Either spring for their same day service(then they can't loose parts) or just take them a block and have them machine it, then I can reassemble it then it's my fault if I loose parts.

  4. I would dig a little deeper before buying one.  I looked into them at one point, granted a few years ago.  At that time none of the models they offered were waterproof.  I talked to one of their people and they even cautioned me not to mount it anywhere that it might get wet.

  5. There's nothing to the whole thing really. Seems overpriced for a couple hose clamps a thin piece of tin, a convoluted tube of metal and a couple detent springs and balls and set screws, and a quick connect that is nothing more than a quick connect compressed air fitting. I guess its the convenience of not having to make one out of a broom handle and the other stuff mentioned...wish I could have thought of it? !! That and a weedeater too!..

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    Actually on my last boat that was outboard to outboard I fab'd up my own motor brackets.  Found a rod on eBay, got two pieces of stainless and some stainless fittings, along with the a fore mentioned 1/4" industrial air disconnects.  10 minutes welding and a few more fitting the pipe together.  I had the whole thing together for under a hundred bucks.  If you know anyone that can weld you can make a new bracket with a trip to the hardware store. 

  6. Why would it overheat?  You're still turning the outdrive, otherwise you wouldn't be moving. It's operating as though at a fast idle.  


    I brought it up because same thing happened with an old boat that had the 140 Mercruiser.  No good reason for it, just running along on a flat day and zing.


    Did you physically check the prop though.  It looks OK but that doesn't mean that it didn't spin.  

  7. Don't forget about the coupling on the bell housing.  Same thing, just harder to fix.  If the prop is fine I'd have that checked out.  Isn't a do-it-yourself project, requires pulling the motor or the outdrive.

  8. I was kind of thinking "what's a good fish for Ontario".  And I know I've seen some larger ones.


    Here's the rest of the story.  I picked this guy while I was fishing for walleye on Lake Erie.  By all measure this was a trophy for our neck of the woods, but if I'm going to put one on the wall I want it to be a "holly crap" kind of fish.  By the same token though I've filleted up similar trophies(30lb kings and a couple 11-12lb walleye), including at least one all tackle world record burbot.  I guess I'm just a nut.  If I want something to hang on the wall I'll go where the "big fish are".  I just wanted to see how you all thought this stacked up for Ontario...  Even though it wasn't even in the same body of water.

  9. So I happened to be out trolling last night and hooked into a brown.  Ended up being 12 pounds and a nice looking football.  I text some friends who all said I should get it mounted.  My first thought was, while being a nice fish, wasn't a monster truly worthy of putting on the wall.  I just want to get everyone else's opinion if I should have put this on the wall.


    There is a bit more to the story, but I want to hear everyone's unbiased opinion first before I divulge the "whole truth".




  10. One of the best that I witnessed back in the eighties should have been a video commercial for JEEP. A guy was pulling about a 25-27 ft. boat out with an Astro van at Sodus Point. As he got the boat on the trailer and started pulling out his van lost traction on the ramp from the algae and moss on it and he lost control  and spun the tires etc. all the while sliding down the ramp into the water. The whole back part of his vehicle was in the water and the boat stared to float off the trailer. A guy with a Jeep Laredo hooked up a chain to the front of the van and pulled both the van and the boat out of the water....pretty impressive! :lol:


    Gotta love it when a Jeep puts the big boys to shame.  I pulled that duck hunting.  My buddy was pulling his 16' fiberglass(full of dekes and a layout) out of the ramp with his F150 and lost his 4wheel drive(icy/dirt ramp).  I threw a chain on him and pulled his truck and boat up the ramp with my Cherokee.  Never slipped a tire.


    I've always said the first thing you should do when you by a boat and take it out for the first time is three things.  Forget the plug, loose your anchor(just take it out and toss it over the side if need be) and run it out of gas.  Just get it out of the way on the first trip, 'cause it'll happen eventually.

  11. If I might add my two cents, even though I don't hunt in NY...  Yet.


    The flip side to what squirrel is talking about is what happens with the PA Game Commission.  They will listen to just about anyone that opens their mouth.  Our duck seasons have been manipulated to the point that I shot a grand total of 8 birds last year.  Our inland season, which used to run until Jan, now ends just after Thanksgiving.  The zone that covers Lake Erie shuts down right after Christmas.  Unless you want to shoot woodies and butterballs you're out of luck.


    Be smart about it, make sure the weather trend is in your favor.  Keep in mind we had two of the warmest winters in recent times the last two years.  What would happen if things got back to "normal" next year and you spent half your season starring at ice.  

  12. To heck with the salt, I had a 125 Merc a few years older than that('01). That was by far the worst motor I have ever seen. It shut down two cylinders below 1500rpm, would constantly stall at idle. Was a dog getting on plane(on an 18'). Had it serviced and the Merc dealer stated it was running fine. The only thing they should be used for is an anchor.

  13. Same as my buddy's Islander. He wired his direct, threw in an inline fuse holder and mounted a push-button toggle switch by the side pockets. The most you'll have this way is a few wire connectors, switch and a short length of wire(to tie into the hot and ground). Personally I would run it back to the dash, but like they say there's more than one way to skin a cat.

  14. My buddy and I were talking the other day about the upcoming duck season and I came up with an interesting question. What is the fishing like during the late season. We're talking about coming up again for the after Christmas season, and for me it just feels wrong not to throw a rod or two in the boat. Yeah, we're targeting sea ducks, but the plan is to hunt the river or bar. Just wondering if there's any fish around that time of year to even bother.

  15. I started using MMO when they switched to ethanol in PA. Use a good shot of that and Lucas fuel additive. Haven't had a problem with the boat... Yet.("83 Chris Craft w/ 3.7l Merc.)

    Whatever they put in that stuff is great. Once had a '70's vintage snowmobile that overheated, BAD. Stuck the rings on one cylinder and had minimal compression. Poured about half a bottle in both cylinders, rotated the engine by hand a few revolutions and left if for a week. The sled still runs like a top... 15 years later.

  16. I just picked up an old Starcraft center console that I thought had minor issues. Engine is an '80's 90hp v4, VRO, oil already disconnected. The hot engine alarm is activating after a few minutes. Sensor must be working right since it takes a few minutes to trip. Here is where the fun begins. Is there something other than the thermostat that might be causing this, impeller just replaced and pumping fine. The problem is the bolts for the thermo. housing are completely corroded. If it does end up being the thermostat I'm not seeing much in options other than pulling the powerhead to gain access to the bolts to get a screw extractor on them.

  17. Safety factor is key too. Our main went down 6 miles from shore last summer. Took about an hour but we made it back to shore without calling for a tow... Which would have cost a small fortune, and taken way longer then an hour to get back in.

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