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  1. Thanks for all the info guys! Love the pics. Do you guys suppose Canandaigua is similar to Conesus? One thing that's been confusing me are the bass. I assume they are in post spawn right now. If I'm not mistaking, aren't the males guarding the nests? And once the females spawn, don't they pretty much not eat for a while? I'm trying to figure out the pattern. When bass fishing right now, should you really only target the guarding males in shallow or will the females hit also?

  2. My Friday fishing report. We got in the water at about 5 pm and fished until dark. Our goal was to not get skunked. We didn't get skunked, but didn't do very good either. We boated a 3 lb. largemouth trolling a crankbait in about 15' of water near a weed edge between the 2 points on the East side just north of the launch. On the funny side, we also landed a SUNFISH on a crankbait half his size. Then at about dusk we lost a 2 lb largemouth at the boat.

    Having NEVER been on the lake before, we spent some time exploring it. We didn't like the North end at all because it was just so shallow with not a lot of weed cover. Maybe by summer there'll be some growth. We liked the South end and really liked the East side weed lines. The only problem was that we didn't know the weedlines and kept running into them by accident.

    Water temp was about 67-69 degrees. A lot warmer than I was expecting. I would still love to hear more advice on how to fish it. We didn't use most of our shiners. Mainly trolled with cranks. Threw A LOT of topwater lures at the end of the night, but nothing at all (which totally mystified me).

    No offense to anyone, but I couldn't help but keep saying "This ain't Canada". Which is where I do most of my fishing. Up there I would sell my boat after that kind of day. Of course, I believe it takes a lot more skill to catch fish down here. Makes me realize just how much I DON'T know. I had fun though and hope to try it again soon.

  3. Hi all. I'm taking a trip to Conesus today, but I've never fished it before. Does anyone have any advice on where to go or what tactics to use for either bass or pike? I've read some published articles about spots, but I put more stock into info from other anglers who actually fish there. Also, does anyone know where a good bait shop is on the lake? Thanks!!

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