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  1. Rd9 summed it ip ..we weighed in 38.2 biggest was8.7 ..fish were everywhere thur,fri,and sat ,..1/2# seperated 5th place to 10th place..los of big boxes...wished we coild have fished sat. Alot of twms were close to being in the money and it was tight

  2. After some evaluation ..i know i have gas to carb ...It seems that i have an air leak in the carb .mate a bad gasket .I can hear and feel air when i push primer.just cant find leak ..I can see air bubles in inline filter.If i cant figure it out by monday ,its going in .....thanks for responses

  3. I have a 2005 mercury 8h.p. 4 stroke kicker.Ran perfect first few time this year .I was out with my son on sat. Primed inline bulb and the little primer on motor would not get prime.Tried for a while .just no action on little primer.I cuold feel inline working ..Also all inlines , fuel lines and,clamps were replaced last year and had no problems until now ...any help appreciated

  4. I guess ill chime in seeing as I'm one of those guys .First , when we luanch, me or my buddy are in boat ...dunk him in and we are out of there in less than a minute ,,he then picks me up on dock bt fish cleaning station..no need to wait for shuttle..When we return ,,its same thing ..i get dropped off on dock in front of fish cleaning station....However i wait off to side with trailer until guy in boat has his open dock..i back in ..he drives on and we are out in less than a min ....We always wait out turn ...It gets us in and out a LOT quicker ..I think if more people did this ,ones that could .It would be a lot quicker for everyone

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