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  1. Had another fun fishing trip to Cayuga south end with Dave and RJ aboard the Cruz-controll.

    Had a ball playing with the atlantics on sticks early and then spoons from the top to ~20' down (several doubles and a couple dozen boated and release unharmed.) Nothing big though.

    Dave and RJ managed 4 browns early but none after ~9:00.

    Water was 4 degrees warmer on east side (48F) than west (44F).

    Quite a bit of bait marked toward the middle.

    Fish didn't have any lampreys or scars but one brownie had a nasty sore from one.

    Bad golfing weather can be good fishing weather.


  2. Congrats to the daughters first brownie. :yes:

    It looks like a healed up lamprey scar.

    We caught a decent brown in Cayuga Lake south end today that had a very large red scar (much bigger than the hole a lamprey typically leaves), however about the same shape and location but significantly fresher wound than the one in your pic. We figured it was from those nasty eels. It amazes me how the fish can heal those wounds.

  3. Fishing Report

    Your Name / Boat Name: Osprey





    Time on Water:Who knows


    Wind Speed/Direction:


    Surface Temp:

    Location:400 meters Off Fair Haven Park

    LAT/LONG (GPS Cords):




    Total Hits: At least 1

    Total Boated: Zero. Didn't use a boat, but appears to have caught dinner

    Species Breakdown:

    Hot Lure: Talons

    Trolling Speed: Fast

    Down Speed:

    Boat Depth: No boat

    Lure Depth: No lure



    My coworker Liam took these pics of an Osprey with catch offshore at Fair Haven this week

    http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/


  4. capn Jack thanks for the nice trip out on DOCK TUR WIZ's 2010 maiden voyage.

    and a few hit and runs. :)

    How come the hit and runs happened when I was up? :)

    I guess you guys should have said more often,

    "Don't lose it." or maybe you did but I wasn't listening as being preoccupied by a nice one.

    Saw a couple reel nice LLs dropped right by the boats.

    Fortunately and unfortunately, one of 'em I was on one end of the line. :)

    Great day to be out fishing with the usual suspects.

    Watch out for the debris. I swore more at the sticks/wood releasing the riggers/planers than when I dropped the fish.

    Its more fun.

    Don't lose it.

  5. Looks like a nice Sunday morning trip.


    Where were you guys?

    There appeared to be a fleet in Seneca.

    Today I found fish willing to play and stayed on them all day and paid off. Whats your thoughts on that? Don't leave fish to find fish, right?


    Hard but enjoyable part is when they're "Found" in multiple places (Now in Cayuga, Seneca, Fair Haven, Salmon River, local streams...)

    or "Not Found" in multiple places

    I guess thats one of the reasons why they call it fishing. :)

  6. Yea we sa you. We caught these all west of chute to Blind Sodus Bay Wednesday. Went 4 for 6 (one steely and 3 browns) .

    First hit was the steely. Then nephew dropped a reel nice fish about 25 ft from the boat. He then boated a brown and we wanted to stay over there-west, but being in the lilboat (14ft Starcraft) with the waves building and wind from WSW went behind the chute for another look there with no hits. Lake laid back down and tried a troll back to Blind Sodus where we hit 2 more browns. We had a nice early spring morning along the shores of the big O.

    I told nephew not to feel bad about losing the big one as he'll probably lose an even bigger one later this year. :)

    He said thats OK as long as he lands one.

    Here Kingy Kingy.


  7. I know why you got one with the goby spoon.

    These were in one of the brownies we opened up.

    Counted 20 ugly Gobies.

    Can't believe it was still hungry.

    I'm not after looking at the picture :)


    Nephew Dave and I had the day off and went to Fair Haven in the Lilboat.

    We might have saw you. Only saw a couple boats west of chute. Most were going east when we went out at 7:30.

    Air temp changed drastically and so did wind-wave height.

    Don't lose it.

  8. Had two nice trips to Seneca south end Friday (on lilboat with nephew Dave) and Saturday (aboard Cruzcontrol with RJ, Dr.Wiz and The Kid).

    Got there and started fishing Friday at 9:30 and had a fish on as soon as Dave was setting out the first lure firetiger stickbait.

    The fishing was good at the start but slowed as the day progressed we ended up 7 for ~11 (5 LL and 2 Brownies).

    A highlight to watch was the aerobatics of someone's nice fight, with either an atlantic or rainbow, north of the chute when we first started fishing. It started jumping waaaay back and continued for several minutes and even managed to fly a couple feet out of the water right by their boat.

    After seeing that we figured it was game on.

    Back at it Saturday early, where we met (Rollie)-Final Flight and the Blue Bubble at the launch. There's no way to hide that thing.

    Its always fun to meet people and their boats who you've about read on this board.

    Set up out of the chute and went along the east side down to the falls. Excellent fishing was the norm with mainly Atlantics. One of the most amazing things to watch besides The Kid reeling in the fish was the red fox that was walking above us on the cliff for about 1/2 a mile. Got on RJ's radio to tell Rollie about it and he asked what it was hitting, told Rollie "I think mice up 150". ;)

    We lost track of #'s but a guesstimate is 25 for alot. Mainly atlantics, 5 browns, 1 rainbow and 1 laker.

    Seneca Lake is a beauty.

    Don't lose it.

    RJ has some pics.

  9. Fished Seneca Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.

    Thanks to redeyeyes for pre-fishing info on lake conditions prior to trailering the "lilboat" for her farthest journey ever by me, as well as 711skwerlz for info at the launch on what colors were good.

    I had nephew from south florida with me who had never been on the boat before but helped with fixing some lights to be able to make the trailer road ready.

    Thursday was our best day even though it was our latest start (~11:30) with warm temps and just a little wind. Leadcore with kevorkian took the first hit of the year and managed to be a steady producer Thursday. Toplining rapalas also worked well off the mini-planer and were more fun to fight the fish than on the leadcore. I think they have a harder time jumping with lead boots on. Mainly LL (16-20 inches) with a football brownie.

    Had some big hits on dipsey out 180 and something big has stole my watermelon from my nephew. Great day on the water trolling and telling stories.

    Saturday with Dr. Wiz and nephew in the "liboat" the bite was best early and we were there by first light. Got blown off with the others in the PM. Dr. Wiz did well with his watermelon set up with a mini-diver. Leadcore also produce as well as stickbaits off the mini-board. Another fun trip to Seneca.

    Sunday was fun too as my fishing buddy cruzcontrol was on another little boat and we all caught fish again although it was our slowest day. Nephew and I managed 3LL and 1 football brownie. Leadcore watermelon took 3. It appeared that the bait we had been marking the previous days was much less abundant although we still did mark a lot of fish.

    Met Justin at the launch and shared some stories.

    Good luck with the fishing. Seneca lake south is a nice fishery.

    Don't lose it. :)

  10. Just another thought is that at least the fingerlakes drop there level for winter in anticapation of a big runoff i think ontario gets a little lower in the winter too so just be mindfull of shallow launches,rocks when you put the boaty in specially if its a short ramp your double axle might become a single one..


    That's why you use a lilboat :)

    Don't Lose it

  11. Mt. Goat,


    Having just completed my 4th year on MOONSHINE's Pro Staff I now have a new order of rules for running MOONSHINE's

    #1 -- Keep hooks out of hands

    #2 -- DON'T charge the lures -- too much charge and they will scare away fish!!

    #3 -- DO run in bright sun -- when the sun is high and the 42 seconds, black & purples, thunders and frogs have shut down that is when the glows work the best.

    #4 -- Disregard rules #2-3 when combat trolling for Fall Kings (Rule #1 stands at all times)

    What I've found best for insuring rules 1 and 4 are followed to the T is run them at first light with no hooks. :)

    I've recently set it out on the 10 color core before sun up and "the kid" going into 7th grade had to inform me that

    "What are you doing?" there wasn't any hooks on the C-14.

    It appears Cap'n Cruzcontroll had needed a treble for something else and had put on some other device :clap:

    We probably caught fish with it....

    Don't lose it.

  12. :yes: .....very nice......congratulations. thanks for the pic and the story. must have been alot of excitement for you and your buddy when it hit the scale.. :yes:

    Actually the excitement started with the long scream (as RJ describes),

    then when we first saw the dorsal on the beast, then when we got into the net, then when it got into the boat.

    We new it was big, as it wasn't too hard decide that fact. After some well deserved congratulations, the question next was weather to go in to weigh it right away, or,

    since we caught a nice fish and we were in a good spot with nice weather and conditions

    and being the eternal optimists decided to keep fishing.

    (Since we had no scales we tried to make our best guesses. We figured it probably wouldn't beat the current leader @ 34:11 but would make the board.)

    As RJ said we fished some more and then went to weigh it where I lost the bet (ice cream) regarding weght predictions.

    Actually Larry lost but he wasn't in on the bet :)

    The next thing to do was decide what to do next. So we went back out fishing......as

    1) We had the whole day off.

    2) The boat was on the trailer in Oswego, where,

    3) Not far away were some really nice fish

    4) Weather was perfect albeit a little sunny for salmon but who's complaining about the recent spell of nice weather

    5) No fee for relaunching at Wright's

    6) I was "up"

    I'll let RJ give the blow by blow of our afternoon trip.

    As always it was fun.

    Congrats to RJ.

    He actually responded to a boat waving distress flags (engine quit) at us on our way in east of the Lighthouse and

    we managed to tow the boat and the three thankful passengers back to the dock safely. What a captain, fisherman and friend. :yes:

    Don't lose it.


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