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  1. Last night me and my buddy doubled up on does with uor bows out of a blind, and finally I got 10 seconds of good film footage of the shot. Been trying that for years, and now we did it. I give a lot of respect to the tv guys, it's hard.

  2. Sounds like a biggie. It's the only species I've ever caught that will kill themselves in 5 min from fighting so hard. On cayuga they're pretty dominant due to high stocking. Great on 4lb, and they're doable all year. Caught 3 spawners in the stream today, and 2 on jigs in the lake .

  3. Nice buck. I have hunted in hnf before, but I acessed it from private land. Beautiful area, and while driving through it one winter I saw a mt lion cross the road in front of me, so stupid guy I am I got out of my car in the middle of the night armed with a bic lighter and found the track. 20 yards into the woods I found a perfect track that confirmed what I'de seen, then it hit me, get in the car stupid. Any way congrats on the buck, and enjoy the meat :yes:

  4. I watched 9 doe feeding for about 2 hours last night. Not one buck. I moved my stand at 11 pm and plan on trying for one of the bigger girls tonight. Great night though, 9 doe within 50 yards , no spooking, and a beautiful sunset. By the way only one was this years young.

  5. great fish man. Those are my favorite all year but especially in the fall. If you could shoot me a pm I'm just wondering what you got him on and wich lake he was from, not the specific trib unless you feel like it.

  6. I watched him all year at a friends property, never got a count but I Knew he was wide enough for me. Hadn't seen him in 1 month, and heard rumor he'd been hit. Went there for a look around with my buddy after our morning hunt elswere. I found some beds, one large one behind an abandoned corn crib so we got a ladder and set up upstairs at 2 pm. At 2:37 he trotted by and into a thicket. We about crapped ourselves. My buddy took the far side of the crib and wished me luck. I just kept picturing him coming out of the thicket right to me, I KNEW he had to, cause deer always do what you think they should :D Well at dusk he did just that. while he was on his way a guy walked his dog within 50 yards of him and I thought it was all over, but the guy never saw him and the deer didn't seem to care, and proceeded to within 25 yards and turned broadside. So I drew, aimed, fired, hit my arm with the string and completly missed. Oh yeah completly :@ . The buck runs 50 yards, turns around, and starts coming back. This time he comes to 20 yards turns broadside, and needless to say I didn't make the same mistake twice. double lung heart devistation. 100 yards later I had my buck. Wierd thing is that last year on opening day I also shot a 7 point. I'm making him into sausage right now. Good luck to all and be safe :yes:

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