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  1. The LL run Fall ck, salmon ck, t-falls ck, and the inlet, where they're stocked. I wouldn't waste much time at camp barton. The best time to fish that is during the smelt run. Fish the mouth with stickbaits. The LL are getting ready to run now,I saw 5 upstream yesterday, but I'de give it 2 more weeks. Use egg sacs, or bright streamers. They're my favorites because they're the most willing to bite during the spawn. Sometimes I even get out of the tree stand to fish them.

  2. Love them from shore all winter. Lower than the LL's. About 25- 30' with small "tiny" bait. Jigs in May-June. Now the real monsters are heading towards the skinny fast water.

    For trolling deep diving rattling shad raps for me, natural colors.

  3. welcome back, and thanks soo much for your service. Sorry to here some jack a$$ stole your motor. Hopefully the fish gods strike him with lightning, and bless you with a limit of 12+ pound walleye. Enjoy your peaceful time on the water and realize it wouldn't be here without people like you.

  4. Same stand I killed a nice 7pt at 7:20 am opening morning last year after I passed 2 does, and a 4pt. Well used trail along a creek bank with the only crossing for a 1/2 mile. plenty of fresh sign. Shoot straight, be safe, and good luck to all. Oh teah Tompkins county

  5. Just thought I'de share, the other evening I saw a 3' female laker with 2 males trying to spawn in the mouth of t-falls creek in 4' of water. At first I thought she was a pike. Don't know why she was there but she was.

  6. I would wait a month cause LT are spawning, and the BT and LL want to. They're being REALLY picky right now, but when they're done they ought to be hungry. Last night I saw hundreds of fish at the mouth of t-falls creek, but they are in spawn mode so they have lock jaw. It's torture to see that many fish with no takers. It's the same every year, but I still keep tryin, can't walk away from 15# BT swimin all over the place.

  7. Fished t-falls park last night. I lost one at shore, and my buddy hooked 2 and lost them at the dock. I tried to land one for him and it spit the hook wich hooked me right next to my eye. I pulled it out before I realized what happened. Any way the fish were all over 25", and barely in casting range.

  8. taughanac falls state park is my favorite. Try slip bobber and minnows, or white and red bucktail jigs. They've always been consistant for me. It's good from now till july. I'm there all winter so I'de be happy to show you the ropes and share some beers. good fishing :yes::beer:

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