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  1. wish the water would warm up a little but both streams are holding fish. was hopeing for some warmer water but it's only 39 in my trib. havn't seen fish working beds in the sun. best bite for me has been first and last hour, but they still seem lethargic. still havin fun though and this should only mean the run should last longer.

  2. i would like to start this post by saying nice catch and congrats. but i do have another agenda. those "hacks" are good friends of mine and on most days outfish the boats from shore. i'm not saying i agree with casting over you're lines, but i also don't agree with the constant stream of planer boards running through the only water us hacks '[fishermen without boats] have to fish. i understand where these shore fishermens anger comes from having had to deal with this for years there is a lot of lake out there and you have acess to all of it and we have very little. if the fish are in tight thats great for us and you ,just try not to troll were we cast. most of us use light line and heavy weight so we can cast quite a ways so please give us a wide birth. i've already talked to the shore parties responsable and told them how iresponsable they were. give us as much room as you would give another boat and we shouldn't have any problem.

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