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  1. Been fishing the south dock an doing ok. Some LLs, some BT, and some LT including a 9#er last friday. I've been fishing this dock for 20 years and caught some beauts. 15# BT, 36" lt, to name a few. Well last night I hooked something on the bottom that took 300' of line and I never so much as turned it. I felt teeth and the line was frayed so I don't think it was a sturgeon. All I can say is this lake never ceases to amaze me. I lost a brown this year that was pushing 20# and I controlled that fish. There is a MONSTER char out there fellow anglers.

  2. flx I havn't tried that but I have heard of it. It would probably work well now because they're starting to suspend out deeper. Tioga any creek mouth mid lake i.e. meyers, t-falls, portland are all producing, but they're between 30-50 fow with some nice chunks. Good luck to all ,I left you a few.

  3. It's been a little harder to find quality fish but yesterday was awesome. Me and my buddy easilly got our limits plus some big bullhead and some nice smallies. My buddy got a big spawner off the nest right next to the boat. After all that catching and cleaning I can't pick up my coffee cup this morning. :yes:

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    Tough day on the water. Wind was all over and the perch were spread out. Would catch one or two then have to move, but caught more keepers than throwbacks. Ended up with enough for an awesome dinner.

  5. The lilacs were blooming and true to form I had my first good perch day. Fished around meyers. Took some lookin, but I found them in 10' and did about 30. All about 10" with one blue one with white fins. I usually get one or two of them a year. So it's time to sharpen the fillet knife, and stock the freezer :yes:

  6. Took out an old friend I hadn't seen in a while, and aparently he hasn't learned much about boating since we last hung out. Started the day looking for crappie but only found pickeral, so we started throwing spinners and killed the bass and slime darts. It was pretty windy so it was a 2 anchor day. I could tell he was nervous all day , and at dark I had him pull the forward anchor an over we went. We lost one oar, 2 tackle boxes , his rod, 1 life jacket, and my coat. You should have seen the looks on the bullheaders when we came swimin into the light of there lanterns. I guess the lesson here is be careful who you let on your boat. We are both fine, and the water wasn't bad. :lol:

  7. I lost the biggest brown of my life today. I had him to the dock twice, then my knot failed. he was over 30" ans somewhere between 17-20# no joke. I've caught a 15.2#er, and this guy dwarfed him. Slip bobber down 12' with a shiner and 6# test. I swear I almost cried when that line went slack, and when I saw it was knot failure I [email protected]#!%^g lost it. I've never been so pissed while fishing. The improoved clinch has always been fine before, but its nothing but the polymar from here on out. So for now I'm off to drown my sorrows and probably not sleep for a few nights. :@;(:no::devil:

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