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  1. Went out again yesterday. Good ice every where. Slow bite again, managed 4 pickeral. 3 on fatheads on tipups and one on a spoon tipped with a fathead. They wouldn't take the shiners. I don't know what happened but there really finicy lately. Only 2 others on the ice with only one small bass iced for them. It was so cold my phone battery went dead until I put it in an inner pocket, and then it had full battery. Good luck to all in the tourneys this weekend. Be safe and have fun.

  2. Went out yesterday. 5-6" all over except the edges. Looks like the level came up about 9". The ice is clear and slick. Fishing was slow, but we managed a few pickeral and bass. I fell hard twice and on the way back in I was following my buddy and it started cracking so I moved off to the side and ended up taking a cold bath in about three feet of water. I had to stay in and pick out all of the poles from my shelter. Luckily we had sent the kid back early to warm up the car. So needles to say I'm pretty sore this morning.

  3. I don't understand why you use swivels on bucktails. I fish 1/4- 1/2 oz b-tails casting for trout at t-falls. I tie direct to the main line and have found not only does this work better for action but I don't ever have to worry about twist. Is it just the size that makes them twist?

  4. Went out again sunday. In a word miserable. Did manage to ice 4 pickeral over 24", 3 small bass and a dink perch. I thought that the bite would be hot due to the front, but it was just the oppisite. Lots of flags, but when I went for the hook set they barely had the bait in there mouth. I watched my nieghbor get 3 hits in a row on a fathead on a tipup with a treble. It barely moved and on the third try he got it. It was a 26" pickeral. 30 mph winds, rain, 2-3" of water on the ice and lite biting fish. I love ice fishing!!!

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    another great day on cayuta. Got another newbie his first hard water catches. The size wasn't as good as earlier this week, but the numbers were there, and I was in a sweatshirt all day. The perch were hitting well. I sent my buddy home with 10 pigs and after he left I caught the 2 in the pics. The big one is 14", biggest yet this year. About 15 bass, 20 pickeral, and a dozen big perch. Not bad, I think I'm finaly figuring this lake out, and helping out the crappies at the same time.

  6. The best thing we can do is not to target spawning bass. By doing this we help keep the nest protected. It only takes about 2 min. for gobies to ruin a nest. I saw a great tv show called hook n look that had a lot of great info and footage on this. The bass do quite well at protecting if left alone, but sight fishing spawners is very popular. But if there was a way to eradicate the gobies I'de donate money and time.

  7. 1 qt white vinegar, 1.5 cup sugar, 1/3 cup salt, 2 tbs pickeling spice per qt. add garlic or horse raddish if you want. Add fillets and sweet onions in layers, and let sit one month. I remove all ribs also, but the pin bones dissolve in about three weeks.

  8. Went to little lake yesterday with a newbie, and put a hurt on the pickeral. In the first ten minutes we were there my buddy caught his biggest bass and pickeral ever. 26" pick 21" female bass. Ended up being the best day I've ever had on that lake of any season. Iced about 20 pickeral, 15 trophy bass, 10 dink bass, and 2 hog perch[ 9.5in. 12.5in.]. Lost and broke off about 15. Took 10 nice pickeral home for pickeling and the 2 perch for me. Also caught a 21" male bass, biggest male I've ever seen. He was all roughed up and missing an eye. I think my buddy is at Dicks right now buying an auger. He's hooked. Also every pickeral I brought home was packed with 3-5" crappie. I think these fish are a problem on this lake and hope people take out what they can. They are great pickeled, it takes care of all the bones. Pics and recipe later.

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