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  1. Took my bow out yesterday with my ground blind at noon. Saw a beautiful 8pt at 1, 6 does at 3, and a flurry of activity between 4 and 5. No deer in those woods! Also saw turkeys, grouse, coyotes,and 2 hawks. Great end to a great season. 6 in the freezer for me. I enjoyed every outing, and hope everyone else had as much fun as I did. Judging from all the reports and pics most of you did. Now it's on to the hard water and casting for monster browns and LL's from the beautiful shores of cayuga.

  2. This site is about all waters we share. Get some petitions going and I'm sure the guys on the site would be more than willing to help. Personally I'm willing to do whatever I can to protect naturally reproducing fish in any state or country. Good luck, and keep us informed.

  3. I think alot of those deep marks are sturgeon. It makes sence that they would be down there eating whatever sank. I've trolled, and drifted sawbellys down below 200' and never had any luck. Next year I plan on trying to stick some big dead suckers down there on some big marks. I know you're not suposed to target those dinosaurs, but I need to pull one out of cayuga at least once. I see them dead on shore every year. A couple of years ago I found a 5'er on the shore at stewart park. They're really cool up close.

  4. My first trip to the big o I pulled into oswego pre dawn and could see waves coming over the breakwall. We trolled the harbor once, and then out we went. We hooked one coho, and lost it at the boat. I couldn't leave the wheel, and my buddy couldn't get to the net, so he watched it wrap around the rigger cable and break off. 12' waves in a 16' boat, great day on the water. Now I feel like I can handle anything tht the fingerlakes can throw at me.

  5. I have to agree with zach on the montecs, they're awesome. As for mechanicals I say rage 2 blade, but they are illegal by the book, but when I asked a dec officer he said he wouldn't ticket for them. In my opinion almost any "cheap" broadheads paired with a good bow should do the trick. Any of them are more efficient than a longbow with flint tips, but they do the job to. As long as the shot is good any head on the market will do.

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