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  1. God bless the hard working small business owners in America like Bill! From my personal experiences he is a professional in all respects, honest (saves all the old parts and itemized bill) , hard working and beyond knowledgeable. The job he did to repair a previous mechanics "hackjob" in addition to around a dozen additional jobs I had him do was excellent and in a super timely manner.


    I have bad to horrible experiences in the past with boat mechanics and marinas taking forever to finish jobs n always above quote, Bill went above and beyond what I could have expected and from my experience I'd highly recommend his services!


    Thanks again Bill, your a person who I have full trust in and someone I hope to be dealing with for many years to come. Word of mouth is everything in this industry and he's the best I've dealt with.


    I'd also like to thank LOU for having this post up, I like many didnt have a reliable boat mechanic and without his post still wouldn't have one. Small businesses make this world go 'round and if we don't support em, we won't have em anymore!


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  2. It maybe more flexible but I didn't notice any additional abrasive resistance over reg seagar and had to replace it just as often imo.

     Just remember to match ur leader to bait size. U don't wanna put a heavy leader on a small lure bc of leader blow back, that heavy line drags decent n effects not only lure depth but also action.

    Tight lines n let the camera flashes roll- Best wishes Cody!


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  3. Ditto on what Ivan says, he knows his stuff and is also a top notch dude!

    My 2 cents, hire a guide or fish with someone who's got the program down. Gotta put ur time in and not be afraid to come home empty handed at times, the Larry will humble even the best and most experienced anglers from time to time.

    I'd say, dont try n reinvent the wheel, see what works for successful anglers and try to reproduce it.

    Anytime I go somewhere new no matter the species I'm chasing, I look at how the LOCALS target that species and see how my personal style of fishing can come close. Best wishes on the greatest hobby ever!



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    Wanna give a shout out to my favorite fisherwoman Katia for winning the Muskies Inc Womens National Title for most Muskies in the country.


    In 26 trips, she had 81 muskies for a 3.11 fish per trip - 40" average with every fish coming on locally made cedar Baker Musky Lures. The corona outbreak ment only NYS fishing (no preseason ohio or pa trips) and a broken trailer axle mid season also ment losing 8 prime weeks of fishing or I think she woulda had a shot at a 100 fish.


    I'm super proud of her accomplishments as she's come a long way! She's on May's Musky Inc's Calendar and is front page this months magazine if anyone gets those.


    As a cancer survivor it's was a bad ass year to see her shine and excell even if it was a short season! Here's an article written yesterday about her.





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  5. NYS Muskies Inc Chapter 69 attempted to raise the limit to your purposal a few years back and was shot down by the state so we met half way.

    As of today, its perfectly legal to harvest any tiger above said size and every angler is entitled to use our resources just as we use them ourselves. My choices aren't always everyone else's choices and we have to live with that. All we can donis keep on keeping on.....



    The amount of exposure and foot traffic the lake has received this winter is incredible.  Aside from the few "fish of a lifetime" we really don't know how many legal fish have been kept. I'm all in favor of increasing the minimum size limit to 40".  I am also puzzled by the fact the current through the ice norlunge world record chose to keep a 40" fish? Maybe it was bleeding and could not be safely returned. 

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