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  1. We got lucky n went 4 for 6 on baits I make, all smaller fish with nothing above 37" for us but that's how it goes sometimes . 3 hits on 4" baits, 2 hits on 5" baits and one on a 7.5" bait trolling.


    Cold start to the day but it warmed up nicely, happy we had the heater for the start!


    Congrats to Brian Farmer and Tabby for 2nd place , only 2 boats to register multiple fish during the tourney were using Bakers. Last time I'll see that lake til next year but I'm still fond of her after 26 years even though she can get moody.


    Great to see so many friends and end the tourney trail 2019 with a couple 1st places on the trail and a 3rd at the 3 Rivers Ironman tourney. Long fun summer but like all good things, has to come to an end.


    On a side note, my buddy got hook in the hand he had to pull out backwards after waking up at 1:30am to make the drive. Hope that hand is feeling better for archery season Casey!




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    Last NYS Musky Inc Chapter 69 Touney for 2019 is at Chautauqua Lake October 19th and runs from 7am to 330pm with anglers meeting at the Pendregrast launch by 4pm.


    This event has a $100 entry fee per person and only casting is allowed during this contest.


    Early sign up and rules can be found at nymusky.com


    Day of the event if you miss early registration, we will have same day sign up at Pendregrast launch from 6am to 7am.


    Any questions, concerns please comment and as always- huge thx to all those who have participated to make these tournaments a huge success! imagejpeg_0(22).thumb.jpeg.cf367109412b66e46e2d93dd883e1a81.jpeg


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    Getting the groundwork done for a good sized NY Musky Show on the shores of Lake Chautauqua this coming April.


    It will be held at Chautauqua Inn and Conference Center in Mayville that will have around 50 vendors that are being signed up currently , vendor list will be posted shortly.

    This is a great way to meet vendors, baitmakers and friends without having to drive to another state or pay huge shipping costs for rods , nets etc.


    Chapter 69 Muskies Inc will cover the kids corner and I hope to see lots of us there!



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  4. People posting the "protection" of muskies (like myself) are often the ones who have puts years of dedication to inform , promote and protect this resource and often have alot invested in time and effort. For some it's become almost personal bc of effort involved over the years.

    If someone would like to learn more about muskies, please stop into one of our free informational muskie inc meetings. Imo- It helps shorten the learning curve in many aspects.

    Tight lines n best wishes!received_1582541065215474.jpeg

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  5. I'd map out that weed line and troll it up. 5 mins of trolling imo equals about 100 casts.

    So what would you do if you were targeting fish hugging bottom, just outside of the weed edge in very clear 7 to 14 fow. Having to be super accurate with bait placement (within a couple feet of fish). Just cast at them? Lol that's what I want to do, but Im trying to gain as much trolling experience possible before the fall feed is on

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  6. To me running short lines is just bc I'm targeting fish in shallower water . I fish maybe a lil slower when running short ( less than 10' line)

    Spring time is my short lining time when I'm trying to present baits over emerging weeds and only have a few feet of water above the weeds ie, the reason for only letting out a few feet of line.


    I do want to mention the best big fish angler I know of says his best line length on super clear water is 100' back and 100' out to the side on a plane board. Simply to disassociate the lures with the boat.


    My only double this year came fishing 11 fow with lines at 6' and 8' but that was in dirty water with 1' visibility .



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  7. Nice tiger! I used to whitewater kayak the beaver river up there and tried a few times on the lake above the dam from borrowed canoes since I never brought serious gear with me on kayaking trips but struck out myself . Never gave it the attempt it deserves. Good luck and I know there's plenty of small mouths to keep ya busy if the tigers dont cooperate.

    I used to ask the locals about tigers but didnt seem they get much interest from the folks I spoke with.


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