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  1. Nice tiger! I used to whitewater kayak the beaver river up there and tried a few times on the lake above the dam from borrowed canoes since I never brought serious gear with me on kayaking trips but struck out myself . Never gave it the attempt it deserves. Good luck and I know there's plenty of small mouths to keep ya busy if the tigers dont cooperate.

    I used to ask the locals about tigers but didnt seem they get much interest from the folks I spoke with.


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    Katia and I represented our chapter 69 club in the chapter 16 ironman tourney this last weekend and were lucky enough to take 3rd place. Water temps were 76-77 degrees and fishing was tough after the front came thru friday morning.


    Katia just got outta surgery earlier in the week and toughed it out to be my partner with 7 stitches in her neck , she's proven to be a real trooper!


    First place was won by Errico and his partner casting (same guy who win the showdown), second was won on 6" Bakers by a PA team and 3rd place was on my 5" baits. Good times and happy to represent the club that means so much to me.


    Good luck and best wishes to those out fishing!20190713_112130.thumb.jpeg.9f4611259c7226d3a8493cf52436ae49.jpeg20190713_155943.thumb.jpeg.4b72f448a221a2e740cbfd809db998da.jpeg20190713_100625.thumb.jpeg.11232576a44ee680d13a8b7e2b955d37.jpeg20190713_200947.thumb.jpeg.70217d01a9a62b99c6a6e47ef9912c4e.jpegScreenshot_20190715-080806_Messages.jpeg.e19e59d63c72384d4191efa5d4ccce79.jpeg20190713_100647.thumb.jpeg.b84045896f52c587a1e5864745d31f82.jpeg


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  3. One fish low 40s didn't make the pics bc she was terrified of it. Said the fish was trying to eat her n when the fishes eyes moved following her she tweeked out.


    Was able to sneak my son Colton and his buddy Logan out before 3 weeks of summer camp in the Catskills started also. Miss him badly but know his having a blast down state.


    Whole famn damily has musky fever and occasionally they even let the ole man here reel in a few.



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  4. Awesome time. My godmother came up from southern Illinois where I'm from and fished with us for her 1st ever musky attempt. Her first fish was 1" short of the big fish for the tourney while capturing 2nd place with a few smaller ones.


    Clint Nicholson and the other board members worked their tales off to make sure we had a smooth running and fun event.


    If ya didn't make it to the event u missed out on the largest musky tourney we have ever had , 146 excited n talented anglers. 20190629_091021(1).thumb.jpeg.96714790429c942f50e43c7af23d4fcf.jpeg26564455035150.thumb.jpeg.486390a70e1a45a83b5e9220edd12331.jpeg20190629_130419.thumb.jpeg.78350c8ad161a815b73fec10f8e1a7cf.jpeg20190629_113120.thumb.jpeg.1ff496bcb463828c8cf9a6b47df78dc8.jpeg


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  5. With the musky season 30 days away, was wondering if anyone else has set any personal musky fishing goals for the year?


    -2017 I set a goal of 50 fish and accomplished that, in 2018 I set the same 50 fish goal along with a 55". 

    Accomplished the #s but not the size. 

    Anyone else care to share?

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