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  1. Are you still making 16lb torpedo's  if so please send me your address and total for 2  i'll send you a check like I have in the past

    my email- [email protected]  phone 716 445-6688

    1. Richard


      I am looking for the 13# torpedo downrigger weights i saw that you were selling. I currently have the ones A Tom Mik used to sell. I think yours were almost the same. Do you still make them? What is the current cost. Defiantly need one if not two. 

  2. I could ship the rod holders the pair will fit in a usps flat rate box  cost 20.00  call me if you want to do this  thanks  TIM 716 445 6688

  3. I have already dropped the price by 100.00 . The price listed is my bottom line. 

  4. will you take 100.00 for carb

  5. look at post I just bumped to top of page (fiberglass swim platform)

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