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  1. lost a lure is correct though. Make sure you drain all the water out and you're usually good to go.  Im move on from lake fishing  to whitetails and steelhead in the Great lakes tributaries for late fall/winter. Maybe one of these years I'll join the Frostbite Fleet 😁

  2. Welcome to the Northeast. I have an outboard and I usually go until the end of October. Sometimes we have a fairly warm fall and some times it starts to crap out by the third week October. Once the temperature starts to be forecast to dip below freezing for a few nights in a row is  when I surrender for winter.  Some great fishing can be had up until then

  3. The Captain is friendly and does his best to put you on to some fish.  Maybe you catch some, maybe you don't.  For those plagued by the demon of external validation the number of fish caught will make or break the day.  I'm with camper4lyfe - a few good laughs with friends and time away from work and a few good fish?- bonus

  4. Overall a good week on Seneca.  Good weather and caught enough fish to keep things interesting.   Plenty of solitude and beautiful scenery what an awesome part of the country we live in.  Well its time to pack up and go back to the grind. Good fishing to all










  5. Good evening of fishing last night. Found some bigger landlocked salmon out deep 65 ft down over 550 f.o.w. largest was around 3 lbs. All taken on mixed veggies spoon again.  A curiosity - all the fish I've caught in the past  three  days have been on a north troll. Not so much as a single  release on a southward troll. Any theories?

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