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  1. I am selling my boat and all gear as a complete package. I am firm on the price because I have a lot of money in gear to go with it. Great condition, clean, it runs good and has a 4 cylinder cobra OMC so it's very good on gas and would be a great starter boat for someone getting into trolling. I will try and list as much as I can think of but I am at work but can get more specific if anyone has any questions about it. I will post pics as soon as I get some free time. Im sure there are several things on my list I have missed but it's all I can think of at the present time. Trolls great all day long. Call or text Rob at 315-263-7925. I would like to sell fast I do not want to put in storage again. It was always stored every winter and professionally maintained. Your not going to get a much better deal for the price and complete package, just trying to do a fast sale before I have to store it again.


    -ship to shore marine radio

    -Eagle fish finder with gps

    -Fish Hawk temp probe-840 monitor with X4 probe

    -5 Big Jon rod holders, two are the heavy duty for dypsy

    -5 rod rocket launcher on top

    -2 electric cannon mag 10 downriggers

    -new last year boat drop curtain

    -mounted planer board reels with planer boards


    -3 dipsy rod and reel set ups with wire

    -several (at least 6) downrigger rod and reel set ups

    -Many flies 90% atommik and a few various others

    -Many spoons all colors and sizes at least 50

    -4 downriggers torpedo weights 13lb

    -multiple colors J-plugs

    -at least 20-30 stick baits

    -4 to 6 downrigger releases and a set of stacker releases

  2. I just had a similar problem my engine is an omc as well it ended up being the exhaust elbow after everything else was checked. On mine before the water exits the engine it goes thru the exhaust elbow thru water ports and mine was plugged solid with rust.  Not sure if your engine is like mine but I would check that if it is.

  3. I fished there as well today 230 fow was very good every time I went outside of 220-250 fow I caught nothing . I got 1 king, 4 steelhead , and tons of Lakers I couldn't keep them off at least 8 or 9. It didn't matter what speed even up around 3 mph they still were driving me nuts lol. Same basic setup as you and same spoons

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  4. I headed out at 5 am to get an early start, set up in 100 fow ran 1 board 2 downriggers and two dipsy's as we were setting up the first rod on the downrigger we picked up a nice steelhead within a minute or two , then after that we picked away at them then it slowed way down after 9. Ended up 8 out of 9 landed, 6 steelhead 1 laker and 1 king. All were taken in 100-175 fow and all in the top 40 feet

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  5. Bowfin they are one of the few fish to still exist from prehistoric Times, very aggressive as well, if your in the water near any of their young they will attack you. They spawn in the spring and usually have very bright almost florescent green during spawning time. They are a native fish thats been here for a very long time.

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  6. Went out of Oswego today for about 3 hours late afternoon only ended up with 1 hit and no fish. I thought I would try a little deeper so I went to 80 fow , I couldn't believe the surface temp was 36 deg, so i went back to 60 fow it was high 40's then back in to around 40 fow the temps were low to mid 50's but no luck. I had 6 rods out two sticks and 4 spoons in all depths. Guess im gonna have to play with the browns in close for another couple weeks.

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