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  1. Went out of Oswego yesterday mid day for about 4 hrs for the first time this year with atomikprodenny had a pretty good day we got our limit, 5 browns and 1 steelhead it was a slow pic but we managed to get some nice fish. We probably lost as many as we got to the boat some right at the back of the boat. None were real huge but all were nice fish. We stayed in about 15 fow or less and headed east. No real pattern. Fire tiger Jr thunder stick and silver smithwicks seemed to work the best, got some on a monkey puke spoon and some other bright colors like greens and orange. Was great to be out again and boat ran great Hank gonna try it again next week. Lures were 120ft back on the boards.post-144669-13995609348801_thumb.jpg

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  2. I finally got myself set up with some dual rod holders for my downriggers I was planning to stack on slow days. I would be stacking off the rigger cable mid way up, I have some custom made stacker releases to do this with, my question is do you get a lot of tangles doing this?  Im thinking if a fish takes the lower line off the ball as it starts to come up maybe the line would run in to whatever lure you have on the stacker above, does this happen a lot? Just wondering what I might be in for lol.

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