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  1. Fresh back from my happy place in the mountains. Caught more bass than pike so I posted it in this sec.  In four days did about 20 smallies  up to 19" & a few OK pike.  . Not great but OK considering I had motor trouble & could only fish close to camp. Unsettled weather & wind sure did not help but enough of exucuses. Drop Shot & Shakey heads took most hits. also hula grub & a few on a spinnerbait, but it was tough.


      Could not get to the part of the lake where I see the Bald Eagle & best fishing . But  Wens morn I look up to see him land in a tree right next to what I assume was his mate.  So close i my younger days I could have hit him with a rock.


    Drifting a boulder strewn pine lined shore in the quite morning mist as the bald eagle looked down on me. Then Blueberry cakes  off the griddle back at camp.Heaven on earth. Also hiked up Baker mtn.  Rained every day  & the fishing not great but I had a blast.



  2. 1986 Merc 35 hp . Starts hard but OK,runs 1/4 throttle kind of OK. Give it the gas, gets up on plane & runs OK for about 30 seconds , & dies dead. Starts OK . then repeats. Carb ISSUE? Float stuck? Fuel pump? Non ehtanol fuel the last couple of tank , but eth was used some prior.


     Any insite? Thanks in advance.

  3. Use to go on  AttheOAK  to get the near shore marine forcast . Was nice to get a fishing report, then click on the weather.

      Any chance to do something similar on here? Or is it on here & I'm not seeing it. Would make a great site just a bit better, IF that is possible.

  4. I checked on his positions on the less important state buisiness. You know, like the economy, taxes ,buisness opportunity, 2nd amendment, etc. I know these things are  back burnner stuff to most of you ,but they should at least be considered before an endorsment. ( Seems like a pretty conservative guy to me,though).


      Our  great Gov Cuomo is coming up for reelection in 2014. Would not  bet against one of his planks is to sign in permantly the three rod law. Would be uncanny timing. Funny how that stuff works.


     Gettin' played like a fiddle. You are playing a rigged game boys, wake up.

  5. House we built, A modest ranch in a good neighborhood close yesterday . Taxes,9k per year property taxes . Owners income tax if they earn around 100k /yr 28K + - .  Gas Taxes,  Sales taxes & fees on cars ,boats, cell phones ETc., another 5k maybe. Thats over 40 k a year . When is it to much? Founding fathers  came here to get away from that stuff.

  6. On Lake Michigan, it is what happened years before that had a neg impact on their fishery. Overstocking, baitfish crash , then undersize fish.Hard for them to get a 20# king. They needed the extra rod to get the fish out of the lake. But that's  a different story.


    Law was in last year, banner fish harvest , not so good this year by all reports. I know it was the weather , but the argument COULD be made with the stats .........  One guys does that all the time on here.

  7. Quite possibly  ,the state wants to see what kind of impact  this will have long term on the Fishery  before making it permanent law, T- Bro.


     And I much prefer being called A Dick or A-- Hole. Better suits me.

  8. I thought most of you guys out there said you only were going to use the third rod if  it was a slow bite

    & you felt you needed another rod out to see what was up? At least that was the disscussion  I remember way back when. If they rescind the law , WHAT will poor grandma & grandpa do.?


     And I agree ,the state is pretty messed up. We don't have  have our priorities  straight  big time here.

  9. Fished Blind Sodus & the muddy water this weekend. Was OK at best for the Largemouths.  3  of us landed about 10 over 15"  biggest around 19"and a some smaller ones.Still on the beds & not in the mood to chase yet.Went out in the lake to jig for Smallies when the lake laid down on Sat afternoon . Went to all the spots we use to fish around 10 years ago and 20 years prior. Of the thousands of bass we use to catch at will I could not hook one in around 4 hrs of fishing. Sad, to say the least. Maybe I lost my touch.

  10. My wife & I  both worked in the restaurant industry, My wife for years as a waitress & made great money because she took good care of her tables. We overtip anyone who seems competent & is trying hard,new or not. The Downstate people were the best tippers. A pox on anyone who dosn't tip  a waitress .


     Went out on a head boat w/ my young son & neph in FLA on a bad day. The mate wAS Busting his but trying to get my son & neph  on fish. He appologized many times for the poor fishng . I told him thats why they call it fishing instead of catching. I handed him 40 bucks. He said he didn't feel right taking it . I feel he deserved it.

  11. Holley had its annual village wide sale today. An older gentelmen that can't go anymore is selling a lot of his stuff. He had 2 cannon elecs, planerboards & reels, Lots of rod combos , etc. I got some stuff pretty reasonable, good for someone getting in. Told him I would put it on here for him. Had a boat also.85 East avenue Holley.Over the lift bridge , just before curve. You will see the boat in the yard. He said to bang on the door.

  12. Went to a picnic at my bros on Johnsons at 2 pm & decided to give it a try . Got on water about 9 am & fished till noonish  . Ran out to 60 & saw a good picture w/ nice green water Johnson to Green harbor. Got about 10 hits 65-80  &  netted 5 nice teen Salmon . Biggest was 19 . Best was a glow white spinny & some sort of pearl white fly on dipsy at 180. A few hits on mid riggers on frog pattern. Perch fishing in creek was lack luster at best .


     Heard th Fishstx on the horn talking to some guy about salmon at 100'.

  13. I won one as a door prize about 10 years ago. Was going thru my stuff & found it this winter. Rigged  it up w/ 30lb braid & a penn 109  reel & 9 ' ugly stick. 25' of 20lb floro a bead ,bb  ring both end swivel & 6' of 15 lb & BB snap swivel. Put it out when things got flat & tough bite . Got about 6 hits or so on it when nothing else would go. 25 ' lead snap & let out .Had to count out by had the setback as reel has no counter, BUT IT WORKED!

  14. it started out w/ a bang for us out in front of Green Harbor last weekend but ended w/ a fizzel as the East winds blew mostly everyday & blew out the green water we had & blew in that nasty ,cold,clear dead water that puts the fish down.  Not targeting lakers , we got quite a few  nice ones w/a few salmon mixed in. As the week went on we were dropping about half our hookups. I attribute that to the fish not being aggresive .    No pattern as they hit about everthing we put down at one time or the another on both dipsys & riggers ,but most our fish came 3o' down to 100 '. Mags in Glow green or purple  of some sort & the white spinnys were about the best.


     I said three weeks ago that if  somthing  didn't happen fast ( Weather realated) the fishing in my area would be like it was.


     Looking at the leaderboard, why would anyone in their right mind planning a trip up here to fish this thing ,go anywhere but Ollcott west?The big fish can come from any port but your chances are better there every year.  LOC should consider backing this thing up one more week to let the lake warm just a bit more .look how good the fishing was last year.

  15. I have used split rings for decades w/ minimal probs, If you use quality ones . Split rings come stock on most every lure you buy,spoons ,sticks, J plugs. alltough I see jump rings on most flashers & dodgers. If they come on spoons , you can't chnge the hooks if you want.  Had that problem w/  Krocodiles & Suttons,so I cut the jump ring & add a split.


     I use to use Johns method, but there are to many varibles in the equation for me.Have to tune every time you get a hit,but it does work. I will take my split rings any day of the week on my sticks for  consistancy.


     One thing ........... make sure when you tie that the split in the ring  is one side or the other of the knot or lure

  16. LL  I think you should review  what a rapala knot is. It is specificly tied to leave  a loop so the nose ring can pivit freely. I much prefer a small as possible split ring I have in the nose of every stick I own. Snap swivels are to big IMO'except for bigger sticks'  & hamper the action . A small Duolock snap is an option also if you do not want to retie every time you change.


     Most important thing about stickbaits is to tune them properly.Ask Mike.

  17. Yup speaking from experience, Trolling plates suck. I pull 2 pails w/a boat similar to yours. Gets me down to 1.75 or there abouts. I like them in rough water as they seem to stabilize the rock of the boat. I  pull one or two or none & adjust my speed with them .I play with them all the time ,more so than my throttle. Hook a good one & throw them over to  slow boat & land the fish. Would not be without them. A lower pitch prop might help you  somewhat  also. You want to keep your rpms up as much as possible to keep your oil pres  up to lengthen the life of your motor.

  18. I am a carpenter contractor & work alone a lot. I have often wondered what would happen if somthing bad hapened, like falling off a lader or having somthing heavy fall on me. I keep my cell in my pocket.


     I fish the tribs alone during winter cold for years. Fell in once at sub zero . My cloths were frozen  to me by the time I got climbed the cliff & got back to the truck. About as cold as I have ever been.


     I have had 2 near death experiences .  I  try to live a good life , so I figure I am never alone, If you get my drift.

  19. If I were you and I was new to this I would keep it as simple as possible. Depending on where you are fishing, east or west end, your program & where/what you will be fishing for could be different. Ice out to say mid may on from Olcott east will be close to shore5-20'  for brownn salmon mix . Planer boards w/ sticks is my main way to fish this depth . once out past say 10 ' - 25 I Iike to put sticks off my riggers 50 -150 ' behind ball 10' off bottom( straight rapalas or  jtd rebels). Great way to fish if there is a good chop.


     The Bar to say olcott  or maybe the Oak    for say  May 1  on mostly a deep water summer time approach 40' & deeper.  .  for you I would put spoons on riggers  at first & maybe flasher on dipseys.  One each off riggers & two dipsy will keep you busy  if the fish are biting.10 - 40back  for spoons/ 25' for flashers on riggers. Stack 2 rods on one rigger when you get good.


     learn to work the lines you have in the water before getting to crazy.

  20. Get some red stabil or Lucas fuel treatment, mix it strong & run the heck out of it. Sounds to me as if there is some carb issue , The plugs that come in it should be the ones you use. Adjust lean screw. Some have a plastic sleve on them that spin, so make sure the screw is actually turning. I have taken the hose off where it goes into the motor &  filled it with the stabil & pumped thru and let set. Put a clear  inline fuel filter after the primer bulb ,before the motor so you can see gas.


      My 86  35 merc float ball had to be replaced because it was not made for the ethanol. The hoses & plastic parts of older motors are not made  to take the ethanol. Use pure if you can.

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