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  1. We pretty are much forced to send our kids to school. Turn them over each day to strangers. It is the responsibility for the school to make sure that my child is safe from harm no matter what. In this last incident , for what ever reason, the school did not fulfill its obligation. Now that the NRA and others are calling for more protection , if it is not insituted, and there is a similar incident, I would think that the lawyers would be coming out of the woodwork,if they are not already. Letting this happen again without proper precautions could be seen as negligence. We waste money on everything in the education system today. This to me is important.

    If a tax levy is put on guns and ammo to help pay for it,I could see why it would be justified.

    And the second amendment was not put in the constitution to guarantee your hunting rights,boys . Those who do not know history....................

  2. I am all for having armed law enforcement at our schools. A bit of a stepping stone for any would be incident of many kinds.

    While we are at it maybe at school we could have a gun safety program to introduce those that do not or have not had access to it at home. And why not, our kids are bombarded and endoctrinated each day to lib points of view. It could only help.

    Let them know that guns are not toys & should be respected. And also where you wind up if you don't make the right choices with them.

  3. There has been Sick bastards that get their rocks off hurting people since Jack the Ripper & before. Watch TV's Criminal Minds to see how bad it can get. Blame who-what you will but EVil has been around since the begining of time. I'm sure that the Video games & movies ,etc. don't help matters much. Easy acces to modern firearm makes this more a possibility. ( no ,I'm not for gun control)

    I remember Duck & cover way back when for an attack by another country. Never thought we would have to worry about our own countrymen. Maybe the Anti American -class warfare has something to do with it also. SEems like we need a 911 to realize we are all on the same team.

    Media is seeming to focus on the Mental illness thing as of late & pushing the gun debate aside a little ,as noticed by my wife.

  4. Last Spring was not a normal year. Look at years past leader boards to see where to fish if you want to target salmon. now that only a salmon can win the grand prize, why even target the other fish? Head to the west end . I would think that the Marina-Tackle shops & derby sponsers From the Point east would consider dropping out.

    If you catch a 40 lb Brown ,laker or steelhead , you should win it all.Another reason to not get in for some.

  5. Can't get away from the fact that this is happenning more & more. Also can't get away from the fact that the prefered killing instrument is more often than not a gun. It seems to me that all these vidieo games that our young people play may be a bad influence on some of the more unstable types that are prone to violence,and almost train their minds & desencitize them. That problem is that when an incident like this happens it is so catistrophic. Don't know what the answer is but maybe having a police officer in school might be a detourant. Banning guns probably won't help. also Don't think school should look like the old west.

    All I know is when you send your kid to school ,they should come home safe. My heart goes out to the families.

    Huckabee is right.

  6. In my 1986 305 Chevy , If I don't run at least 89, it pings. 91 0r 93 ain't a whole lot more so I go for that when I can . Also runs much better w/ non ethanol.

    Also if you would get a little better MPG w/ high test , and Non eth, And factor in not having to put in ethanol stabilizer, the price diff could be a wash.

  7. If it were mine, ( I have a floor fish box also,not yet soft) I would flip it over, take my circular saw w/ a masonry blade set to depth( same one I use to cut fiberglass porch columns), cut out the perimeter on underside, take out bad, r ,replace w/new, refiberglass, paint, go fishin.

  8. If it truly is going to be real low , how hard would it be at the right time to run the water a day, shut it down the next get a bunch of guys ,heard the fish to nets, throw them in the tank truck & bring them up to the hatchery? If they need more,rinse & repeat. Maybe I am over simplifying it, but they are just fish and they are pretty hearty fresh run.

  9. Haven't fished Fulton chains but I have fished the ADKs quite a bit. I find the Lakes to be tanic or tea stained from the pine needles & run off. There are Bass & Pike ,which can be good size. They can be very tough to bite & finicky. Target weeds & edges w/ acces to deep water. Also boulder points & drop offs,the usual stuff. Spinnerbaits & Big mepps for me I like black & gold w/ maybe some yellow or orange mixed in.Never did well w/ silver blades where I go. Also Senkos rigged shaky w/ 3-5" worms in darker colors. A stickbait twiched over weeds is a fun way that works well also.

    Good Luck & Have fun.

  10. Thank you guys for your input. They are nice riggers & do the job when working properly w/ no complaints.

    Was thinking of selling my boat this year or early next. Would like to get them at least usable for the next guy if I sell with.

    Wonder what the cost to fix them would be vs. new compairable or if they can even be fixed. To bypass Shortstop I will get my buddy the Electrician .

    But I bet I can fix them w/ my California Framer.

  11. About 8 10 years ago we were getting a big spring run of eyes in Sandy up to the Falls in Holley . This lasted for about 5 years. There were some big fish & quite a few. They treated the stream for lamprey one year & it was over. I have freind who fishes there all the time & he rarely gets a small one now.

    As for the Oak , guys troll at night from the mouth to the Parkway bridge. I have caught a few over the years Bassin on Cranks during the day. Seen some caught by guys on the piers from now till fall.

  12. I took the motor out & tested it w/ my battery charger. Worked both up & down by reversing polarity. I took the leads to the switch & put down on up & up on down. Down still would not work. Ohm checked switch, it seems OK . No power out of circut board to motor in down . Was thinking of bypassing the board & shortstop feature somehow. They are old & on their last leg I figure anyway. The Lexan motor housing where the drive gear stud goes into the motor housing has cracked off & it makes it sound rough on retrival. I can drop weight by loosening the drag but it's a pain.

  13. Nice to get out first thing for a while at my fave LO outlet. Landed approx 10 bass to 18" , mostly largemouth & a nice northern. Plastics were best w/ a hula grub doing the most . I think it looks like a softshell.

    Saw a guy chucking all sorts of hard baits w/ no hookups. He saw me land about 5 fish. I finaly yelled to him " Dude, put on a jig". He put on a mepps spinner.

  14. I have had three boats. I learned to not rush where I put things. When I drive the boat while trolling I spend most of my time sitting sideways w/ my feet up looking back at the rods. I want my sonar so I can see it , so it is left of my cuddy.

    took a lot of time w/ my rod holders & riggers. Sat in the boat in my driveway a long time before I drilled any holes. My wife saw me and asked what the heck I was doing.

    My boat came w/ a place for the radio, but I don't like it where it is.

  15. I have always thought that drop shotting would be a good way of deepwater jigging to depths of 100 '. Power pro, Floro leader on a med- heavy or heavy action casting rod. Maybe a 27 size sealine reel . Thought about it a lot but never did it. When the screen is loaded, why not? Big twisters , Senkos or flukes. 2-4oz sinker. Maybe a flatfish or Sutton 88 or 06 on breezy day.

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