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  1. Hey Ray, I still think that long handled hook remover you need for circle hooks down in FLA would work if you modified it for a treble. Reach down over the side , hook the shank, push pull, see ya later. Don't even take them out of the water .Maybe I'll attempt to make one.

    Question. Is it really true that dead salmon sink? Is there any factual evidence of that? I think someone asked a question like that some time ago on here, can't remember who it was.

  2. I would disconect fuel line at primer bulb or closer to motor. W/ a small funnel ,pour in red stabil till fuel line is full. Reconnect & pump stabil thru carb. Try to start. Install a see thru in line filter before the motor connection.

  3. On the construction site, We use the cut offs advantech 3/4 ply as walk boards during the constrution procees . Lay them in the mud & water for month sometimes. The edges get frayed a little & they get dirty but stay in tach. I have used them after for fixup project & shelfs etc. w/ no probs, Seal them good w somthing after cutting to size before attaching. No screws,rivets only. Screws back out.

    I want to know how this works out for you. I may redo a boat somtime soon.

  4. Some guys figure that when they bought the big boat, they bought the lake too . There is one guy out of the Oak that I refused to yield to twice . Cut off one of his dipsies once. Was so close to him , I could see his nose flare as I was leaning on my hardtop ,smiling at him.

  5. I saw a guy at the launch last year w/ an alum boat around 18 '. He used 12" wood grain composite facia board. Same thing we use on deck joists for trim. Said it worked great for him. Rivited it down to the stringers. Looked good. Azek also makes a T&G 1X that also looked like it would work well. This stuff is pure poly. Can't rot & it's made for outdoor use.

  6. An 83 60 hp is probably not throwing out many amps from the alternator at trolling speed. If you are running a lot of elec stuff , the alt is not keeping up w/ the load IMO. Get another battery . I have 2 of Walmarts biggest. Haven't let me down yet. I don't have an ALT on my bass boat , so I ,without fail, Charge both after & before any outing. Get one of the new chargers that have dig readout, 50 bucks or so .

  7. Take a picture & throw it back, so someone else might have the thrill. I have one mount, a 17 lb steelhead I caught around 1979, and have caught a good amount that were bigger. The rest of my " Trophy" fish are all memories stored in my brain. I rarely take pics anymore unless it's a hog or a friends. You guys do as you wish & more power to you but as for me, I don't need a wall full of mounts. Besides ,if I were to get all the huge fish mounted that I catch, I would be broke!!!!!!!!!1

  8. After fishing all my life since I could hold a pole for just about any kind of fish that swims , and had LOT of success doing it, I meant what I said . Maybe I was the guy who was fishing next to you that said that . What difference does the size of Grampas fish make if it meant a lot to you guys?

  9. Is about to triple the rate of how much is being paid for disability & life insurance by Mark Sanchez & Tom Brady. Who wants to bet that Payton Manning wil not sign w/ Miami?Mario , Kyle,Marcel & Chris. That could be one heck of a pass rush. Maybe the light is getting bigger.Now the draft.

  10. Close in my go to's for the most part are jointed Rebels. The mid size 3 1/2 " are good all around. Cloudy water & Early morn ,the 4 1/2 ".Blk sil, Grn silv orange bottom, Perch , Blue silv, Blk gold orange belly.

    Watch out in close cause some some dive deeper than others. Jtd Raps dive deeper than straights.

  11. Having done the cartop thing , I would suggest to you a small ( 12-16) trailerable aluminum boat w/ a small outboard. Most of these can be pulled with a smaller car. There are many I see for a decent amount on here. Can be setup the way you want w/ an elec motor & depth finder . I have A 16' w/ a 35 which is more than big enough for 2 guys. My buddy has a 14' Row boat w/ an 18 hp tiller he paid 650 for. We do a lot of fishing out of these boats. Good luck.

  12. In shallow water, Clarity dictates what to use most of the time as to color & size. Most of the sticks would be good for browns in close off boards.

    Some of the divers would be good out past 15' off boards all the way out to 500', till the thermocline sets up.

    Spoons could use some work. The best all around I see is that Spook, The black w/glow ladder btm rt 2nd box.The NK mags are good sometimes. Not a big fan of the real bright colors although they do have their days. If you want to change colors ,change tape.

  13. Go first thing in the morn & be out by 11 AM . Thats when the Crack & Booze hangover is about over & the scum starts to move around. Watch out during the weekends or days kids are off school as they will throw ice chunks at you from the bridge.Just missed me once. I remember when they let you drive down. I have caught some MONSTER steelheads down there this time of year. Bring a buddy & some protection. Haven't been in years.

  14. 180 hp is not a lot for a craft of that size. If you are going to spend a good amount of time out there & travel a lot to/from spots, trim tabs will help a LOT for hole shot & ride leveling. Came w/ my boat & w/ 5 guys on they are great. Also I would go down one size pitch of your prop( I took Spinellis advice And did just that w/ good results). Less wear on the engine & gears & if you are trolling it will give more control & also help keep your RPMs up to keep your oil pressure up to help extnd your engines life. You will lose a little top end but hey, It's about the fishing. Besides ,if you don't have a spare you really should get one.

  15. A gold star again & thank you for your time on this.

    My question , and I do not know how one would prove this, is that it seems to me from what I have seen in some cases , That adding the eth actually makes the gas less effective than it would be by not adding it. ( 10% eth gives the pure gas 25% less mileage.)Maybe that has to do w/ lower octane gas used as you stated.

    We will find out more in time.

  16. Are there any "official "studies out there to confirm this mileage thing?

    LL , you are the smart guy on here. Check it out ,and let us know ,like you did on the windmills.

    If this is true. The American people need to know about this in a big way. I'll bet most think this Ethanol thing is for the most part good.

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