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  1. Employing small boat tactics again,I could do no wrong this morn. went 7/ 10 w / kings w/ a few HOGS. 12-40'/ down 3-22' on riggers . J plugs as usual for this time of year. My hand painted " Martha Stewart" J took half the shots w/ Glo green  & Black/Slv /Green  I painted, the rest.Broke off my last fish but the J  popped up & I got it back. Off the water by 9 AM.


     Also found A Silver Bullet Floating  for a bonus. Why do some of you guys insist on putting a Snap swivel on a J plug so it won't slide up the line? Your loss is my gain.


     Day ended at the launch W/  a  " COURTESY" inspection of my boat at the ramp, Passed w/ flying colors.

  2. Any boat that has a motor of any kind needs to be registered. I have numbers on my Canoe. My Friend who I bought it from said he was out with it & had an elec trolling motor on it, law enforcement called him in from shore & told him that.Did not give him a ticket but said next time he would,

  3. Had a plate, I HATED IT ! Been pulling buckets since around 1978.drill about 15  3/4 holes in bottom, take off handle  & drill 4   3/4  holes across from each other in that ring where handle was attached & make a harness out of about 3' of rope so you can tie your boat lead in center of bucket to that so they are ahead of your riggers. Run one on each side,just one or none.Mine are in & out of the water all day.    They are the man. You don't need to go as slow as you might think. Do a lot of turning & S curves.

  4. Put on a #3 or 4 Glo Green Floures  3 or4 Silver Bullet J Plug. Put  both back 40 ' on riggers. Run one ball 7-10' off bottom & one Half way down .Start First light out front   in 20' & workyour way out gradually   to 60 till you see fish on finder or hook up.ADJUST RIGGER TO BOTTOM! Pull up that plate & do a lot of lazy  S -turns. As Sun comes up , lengthen both  leads.Good Luck.

  5. What I first posted about this subject was deleted by the moderator.Something about a guy fishing like a cat as I recall.  When it gets to the point where I push a button to play my fish, I'm done with it.


    Yes I have Elec riggers (on my big boat) and a motor. I also steal a cookie from the jar once in a while, Dosn't mean I condone bank robbery.

  6. I fish for no tangles because Tangles mean less time for fish to bite lines that are doing the right things. Sometimes you don't know for a while if you have a tangle &  that time means a bad setup &  no hits . I do this differently  on my small boat & my big boat. I rarely get tangles anymore.

  7. I just got back from the ADK's and my motor did the same thing. Took my Carb off at the campsite & rinsed ti out w/ WD 40 ,which is all I had & dumpped it on a white paper towel. A small piece of fuel line I think  , and I mean small,about the size of a period on here came out. Put it back together & it ran like a top.35 merc.

  8. I have caught a few Smallies over the years there. They are about a 1/2 mile east as Yankee stated , off the Bluffs. Nice  15' hole there & it drops from 25 - 90' fairly Quickly. Good place for Staging kings on the bottom .Seldon Beebe caught his spring  ESLO winning king there. Got a nice Hydasports fishing boat out of it. Caught the fish in 15' of water on a 1/5 oz Cleo , 8# test & 5 ' ultra light 5' down on the rigger. His dad netted it & it fell through the rotted  net. They had to push the rod through the hole in the net & grabbed it by the gill to land it or so I'm told. How things change.

  9. What kind off hooks? If they are sharp & they hit home good, the only way the fish should get off is  if the hook or line breaks.




     I set my releases as tight as I can on my riggers to drive the hook home. Same w/ my dipseys.  To loose a drag  will drop a lot of fish. Keep the pressure on and keep that hook buried.


     Two hits on J plugs Sunday. Landed one.

  10. If they are friends they should give you something. Maybe not  a full share , but something & be happy to do it. It would be the honorable thing to do. If they don't want to give you anything, then they really  are not your friends .


    When I did a  few  derbies/tourny  w/  friends years back.   I heard the stories , so  I drew up an agreement & everyone signed it. No gray area then.

  11. Saw it was going to be  nice out there so I took my  16 ftr & gave it a go employing small boat tactics. . I thought there were no kings out there. I landed 4 majors from 15 -25 lbs , had 2 more on & Off the water by 9 am.50-70 , 45- 60' down. Spin dr  hooked 4 , Glo Green J plug hooked 2. Lot of traffic out there. 



     If I knew the lake was going  have a chop of a ft or less I would sell my big boat in a second. Small boat guys, now is your time.

  12. I use pretty much what you have & do well with it. My setup is 2 dipseys Flasher fly or meat & 2 0r 3 rods on riggers. Flasher fly or meat on one & a spoon 10' above & one  `10' below  & that is it this time of year.Get over fish.You do not need more than what you have to catch salmon. KISS & run what you have in the water properly.


     After labor day off the mouth I like j plugs.And a lot of times I use only one rod when I am out by myself.


    I have been using 65# braid the last 5 years on my dipseys & see no reason to change.

  13. Took my buddy the heart transplant patient out for the day on Sat. Knew it was going to kick up w/that damn east wind so I decided not to take him out deep . Fished west 90 -120. Went 5 for 8 w/ 5 kings, Nothing big. Went this morn for Bass & we did about 8 and he tagged about a 4# smally. Glad I got him on some fish.


     So SAT  around 11 AM in front of Johnsons100'  it was about 2-3's and building. We are trolling west w/ them & my buddy who is driving says there's a boat in front of us. I look and it seems there is no body on board & it is just drifting w/ the waves. I see no rods in the water so I tell him to drive up next to it. We blow the horn a few times. We think we see someone in the boat laying down. We get closer & a guy gets up & is sitting on the seat. I yell to him to see if he is OK. He waves & says he is. We see him pull up to the launch latter  & another guy gets out of the boat w/ him. I wonder what was going on there?Red & white 19' I/O.

  14. WSW,And all I know is the stronger the wind , the bigger the waves. NW winds mean that the lake has the entire width of 50 miles or so to build till it gets to the south shore. Same  on a west wind  for the east end guys. A strong SW wind can mean calm ,fishable  close to shore but Bigger & unfishable  the farther you go out.

  15. How old is it ? If it is a 3 cyl & has  3 carbs it sounds to me like one or even 2 are clogged. Or it won't switch over from the low speed to the high speed jets.


     I had a 1970 55 hp  3 cyl 3 carb John that I wpuld turn the jets in to troll w/ and had to turn them back out to cruise home.


     Also had a friend buy a boat w/ the exact same motor & it could not get on plane. They put some marvel mystery  oil in and they were  plowing water out to their fishing spot & all of a sudden it took off like a bat out of hell& been good ever since.

  16. I was fishing the Oak a few years back this time of year. I was using Shaky head Senco's . Had a hit & knew it was a pike. Got him to the side of the boat. Caught enough muskys to know it was one. Shook it's head and got bit off before I could net it. Was maybe 10lbs.


     Also was  light line jigging. spring for whatever would bite at the falls that come out of the canal in Holley. Hooked a fish & got him up to the side . Could swear it was a small musky,maybe 5 lbs,bit me off . A few weeks latter a friend who fishes there a lot & knows his fish Says to me, " You'll never guess what I caught down at the falls, a small musky."

     A few weeks after that, my son tells me his buddy said he was fishing thesame  falls & said he thought he caught a small musky.


     For what it's worth

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