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  1. Man these deer are giving me the run around! Yestersay sat a spot a good buck is going to bed. He has to go around this pomd. so sat there yestersay and only saw a fawn. Go to leave see his tracks going sround the other side... Today i set up so i can see both sides with good wind, and hes a no show. I make a move to see a creek. And heard neighbors shoot 2 times close. On both sides of the property i am on... Uggh . About an hour later I see one of the bucks in after working the creek torwards me. (Only have the bow so cant shoot) he works right up to this thicket like 40 yds away and never comes out.. Must of walked into the brush. So wait a bit and head out. Go to leave and the buck I was try to cut off was trying to cross the road!!! So i scared him back into the woods.. Well see if he stayed over there or not. Back at it tomorrow, may do an all day sit he was moving today at 11. Man he looked good from the road thou and 30 yds from me... His g2s got to be close to a foot!!

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  2. After a long slow bow season for me I was extremely happy when this guy came through the 2nd day of gun season.   He was hot on the doe and stopped at 75yrds in the only opening I had.   1 good shot is all it took he went less than 80yrds and piled up!   Now onto PA this Saturday for the opener and try to fill my buck tag there.     The video of Longspurs hunt and my hunt will be up soon on my youtube page Addicted Outdoors 
    Congrats again man!

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  3. Well i finally put an arrow in one, shot looked a little far back, I watched her walk down the field a ways lick her self then she looked hurt and stumbled into the field then stumbled into the woods. So I waited till after shooting time and did a quick look didnt see arrow or any blood within first 10 feet so just backed right out, decided play it safe and go back this morning. And she was dead right where i saw her go in the woods! A buddy came out to drag for me since i cant so that was very helpful! After everything ive been thru it sure means a lot to be able to be get out and still do what i love!! Still working thru wearing my o2 but not letting it keep me down! Now time to put a buck down! 98048.jpg

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  4. Getting stoked for opener, hopefully some early morning magic is in store for us! 
    The opener is a love hate relationship! It is nice to be able to reach out and touch them but the amount of people around and the "hunters" that come out of the wood work for their 3 days a year. I look forward to gun ending the day it starts so we can go to muzzleloader season lol

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  5. Got out this morning sat till noon on a plot that a 130ish 8 has been hitting last 3 mornings... Well i sat till noon nephew had to go to a dr apt. So had to leave no deer. Did see one buck running around neighbors headed into my property. but doesnt a BIG 8 hit the other plot near me but i never laid eyes on him... So may be sitting that all day tomorrow...

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  6. Deffinitely some good bucks there!!

    I have been out a couple times. Mostly places i can get somewhat close to with a wheeler and then walk. I cant walk too far, I still have to lug my o2 bottle around when I walk lol but getting where i can!

    Seen a few deer couple small bucks. Hunted my doe spot again tonight with my nephew and we had 3 does ad a 2.5 yr old come out but they didnt get closer than 100yds. They came out where i sat last time! Lol.

    Have one buck that has been playing cat and mouse on my property, not huge but a good buck I will take him if he finally makes a mistake! Would like to arrow one before gun opens so doing what i can with how i feel! Lol

    But sure feels nice to be out enjoying the woods again!

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  7. Well I made it out for the first afternoon tonight since Oct 5th! I lugged my o2 tank and my buddy carried ny stuff for me! But we sat a spot i havent even been to yet this yr. Scouting or anything, so made sure i was still good to hunt there and we went out. The owners mowed their lawn till like 420. And we werent crazy far because i cant walk too far yet lol. But we sat and ended up seeing 4 does and 2 bucks. One 2.5 yr old bumping does around and pushing away the yr and half old! Was going to shoot a doe if one gave a cake shot but they stayed just far enough away! But felt good to be out! Still have a long way to go before my breathing is good deffinitely needed to stop and rest to catch my breath on the walk back which was uphill! But felt good to be outside and got to see some deer!

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  8. On Thursday I was seconds away from death. Got your attention?  I will preface this story by stating I am a fit adult with no underlying medical conditions and I have been using a climbing treestand for 36 years.  Hunting a state land tract Thursday afternoon I had an interesting start to my day. As I was hauling up my bow and backpack up the tree I developed a severe cramp in my right pectoral muscle. Unlike most cramps that you can stretch and massage the pain away, I found I was not able to do so. I tried moving my arm and shoulder but the lancing pain continued. I also noticed that in my haste to get up the tree, I had neglected to put the safety rope around the tree and clip in my harness. “Crap”, I thought, “am I having a medical emergency “?  My next thought was I need to get clipped in fast!  I struggled with the pain while trying to get the rope around the tree. I started to get a little nauseous and tunnel vision started. I told my self not go out as the black shroud started to descend on me. I sucked in air like jet pilots do when pulling heavy g-force turns to prevent passing out and I was just able to stay awake long enough to secure my harness clip, kneel down on the platform, hug the tree, and tell myself “no matter what, just hang on”. I passed out almost the instant I hugged the tree. When I came to, I was squatting at the end of the platform, leaning against the harness tether still hanging on with both hands on the platform wires. I don’t know how I slid all the way down to that position or how long I was out for. I knew where I was and what had happened. My scalp (shaved head) was frozen because I don’t put my hat on initially to reduce sweating, but the rest of my body was super sweaty. Amazingly enough, my $1,000 bow set up and back pack remained leaning up against the tree on the seat. When I hugged the tree before going out I was hugging/pressing the bow and pack between my chest and tree. How I slid off the tree without knocking down my gear is a mystery. Given how cold my scalp felt, I think I was out maybe 10 -15 minutes??  I got lucky!!!!  The takeaway should be ALWAYS make sure you are clipped in at all times. Bad things can happen in an instant. Tests were negative for heart attack with the most likely diagnosis of stress/pain induced vaso/vagal syncope or …. I had an ouchy and I fainted. Stay safe out there folks!
    Jeez scary!! Glad u got the safety line on just in time!

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