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  1. I'm very thankful for this late season as my daughter hasn't had many days to hunt archery or gun with her busy sports seasons. We put three hunts together, the 1st day she missed a nice 10 pt at 75 yards (he's going to be awesome next year) day 2, we watched many deer and 3 bucks stay out of range.  Tonight, the light and variable wind bite us. Many winded us and I didn't think it was going to happen. When I looked over and see the doe train coming. I said, tomorrow's weather doesn't look good if you want to shoot a big doe. She said, "no, I don't want a doe". Of course, I look at the last deer and it's a big bodied buck.. we get ready and had to stop him as they were on to us, she whacked him! What a way to end the year!! 
    Awesome congrats!

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  2. Cell cams where they have to walk up to it from the front! Def helps a lot!

    I've been out a decent amount but nothing to write home about. Seen a good number of does. Seen 2 bucks last two evenings one a 1.5yr old and tonight a messed up rack 2.5. Nothing big showing up on cameras. So hunting spots I don't have cameras to see if I can find something to get me excited!

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  3. Uggh that sucks!! We took advantage of the weather and took my center console out for the morning! Ended up with 13 browns and one steelhead biggest brown was in the 13-15lb range didn't put it on a scale just quick pic and let it go! and called it a day so could make it out for an afternoon hunt! (Only saw a doe and fawn).


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  4. Congrats!

    Hunted today. Got one nice buck probably mid 120s that showed up on camera seeing if I can't track him down in the next week, see if he is big enough to get me excited!! Saw some does tonight but no bucks. So back at it again this week hard to see if I can fill my 2nd buck tag! Been checking cameras on different properties to try to see where I want to hunt the most but no big boys have shown themselves but you never know till you hunt! Hoping on one property I had 2 good bucks on but have gone missing, I really would like to see at least one of them show back up!

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  5. Man these deer are giving me the run around! Yestersay sat a spot a good buck is going to bed. He has to go around this pomd. so sat there yestersay and only saw a fawn. Go to leave see his tracks going sround the other side... Today i set up so i can see both sides with good wind, and hes a no show. I make a move to see a creek. And heard neighbors shoot 2 times close. On both sides of the property i am on... Uggh . About an hour later I see one of the bucks in after working the creek torwards me. (Only have the bow so cant shoot) he works right up to this thicket like 40 yds away and never comes out.. Must of walked into the brush. So wait a bit and head out. Go to leave and the buck I was try to cut off was trying to cross the road!!! So i scared him back into the woods.. Well see if he stayed over there or not. Back at it tomorrow, may do an all day sit he was moving today at 11. Man he looked good from the road thou and 30 yds from me... His g2s got to be close to a foot!!

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  6. After a long slow bow season for me I was extremely happy when this guy came through the 2nd day of gun season.   He was hot on the doe and stopped at 75yrds in the only opening I had.   1 good shot is all it took he went less than 80yrds and piled up!   Now onto PA this Saturday for the opener and try to fill my buck tag there.     The video of Longspurs hunt and my hunt will be up soon on my youtube page Addicted Outdoors 
    Congrats again man!

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