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  1. Take a look at the starcraft stx 2050.  A lot of guys troll from those on erie, and they are better laid out for casting/jigging than the fish master.  I have a 196 fish master and its a great boat, but I troll 95% of the time so I got the boat that is set up almost entirely for trolling.  The stx is similar to those two alumacrafts you mentioned.

  2. Sounds like the prop/motor holes for sure. As for Trim tabs, I run a 196 fishmaster and several of my

    Buddies do too, after fishing on my boat with tabs they are all putting a set on. The tabs really smooth out the ride and keep the hull from pounding when it gets choppy. Also the tabs really help when the boat leans to one side or the other when running. Even with 3 big batteries in the bow, it still picks up and slaps when it's choppy, lower the tabs and let that huge bow slice through the chop.

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  3. This technique has become pretty much standard on lake erie for smaller boats.  Some guys are adding an additional fin to the bottom of their terrova to keep it straight on a lower power.  Fishing at around 1.6 and under most guys use just the electric, and above that a kicker and the electric on a 3 or 4 setting. 

  4. Thanks for the Insight. I think I am going to start with a ff on one rigger and a spoon a little further back on the other and see what happens. I have a fishhawk so I will try 2.5ish on my down. My trip can't come soon enough! Dreamin of those drags screaming :)

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  5. Making my second trip to the big lake in july.  Last year I fished on a buddies boat and we did most of our damage on spin doctors/flies trolled around 2.0-2.2 down speed. I think the spoons wouldnt fire due to the slower speeds. Now that I am a few weeks away from my trip, trying to put together a game plan.


    How do you guys decide if you are runnings spoons, or running SD/Flies?  Do you just put out a mix of everything and then dial them in based on what fires?  What would a good down speed be for a program that is a mix of both?


    When I lake trout fish on Erie we end up running either all spoons or all flashers once all the rods are dialed in, very seldom do we get both firing all day.

  6. Starting to get all of my gear together for a trip to Olcott in July. Going to pre tie a bunch of leaders for dipsy fishing and re-do the leaders on my coppers. Targetting salmon.


    What do you like (# test and length) for running spin doctors/flies off dipsys? - Spoons off dipsys?


    What # and length do you like for copper leaders?


    Any particular brand of flouro carbon for leaders?


    And finally what size swivels should I get?

  7. Hey guys, I have a trip to olcott planned this weekend (11-14th). I was wondering what those north winds will do to the fishing. Is there a solid thermocline set up out there yet? I fish Erie all the time but I know Lake Ontario is completely different so it is hard for me to judge. My buddy is ready to bag the whole weekend with the forecast calling for north/east winds all weekend, but I'm trying to be a little more optimistic.

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