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  1. Sounds like there was some confusion on the live leader board, but at closer examination all fish were properly identified. Although I think mine must’ve been weighed wrong. Lol .  I for one would like to thank all the volunteers even if they are not professional experts. I think the derby was a lot of fun and a great success.

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  2. Same boat was pulling a different sonar rig around last year. DEC told me that they were working for   Cargill .     And they are pulling a half mile of cable this time with a small boat at the end.

  3. if you think I was confused before now I am really confused. Last that I knew only two of the finger lakes were part of the barge canal system.  None of the Mariners that I know would require assistance from the Coast Guard on these lakes but what about the average mom and pop boater ? In my opinion to suggest to them that a rescuer is going to magically appear out of the air above them and pluck them from the cold water is a reckless and dangerous disservice to them. My concern is for peoples safety. I was not trying to tarnish any ones sense of self importance. If I wanted to do that I would tell some of the old salty coast guard auxiliary jokes.

    To set the record straight The auxiliary is made up of amateur civilians that are allowed to wear a uniform. ( they are NOT the United States Coast Guard ). Any boat with coast guard auxiliary patrol signs will belong to the auxiliary. Vessels with U S Coast Guard patrol signs, unlikely to be seen on the finger lakes, will belong to the U S Coast Guard.

    Bottom line and my last comment on this subject, Despite what some pencil pusher will tell you, at any given point in time you are on your own out there and should not expect any of the fair weather rescuers to come to your assistance. 

      Be safe have fun have a great week and the punch line to the joke is ( the coast guard auxiliary )

  4. It is highly unlikely that any of us will ever encounter US Coast Guard personnel on any of the finger lakes waters. There is a station in Oswego and one in Rochester but the finger lakes are not in their area of responsibility. The volunteers at the coast guard auxiliary in Ithaca I commend for their efforts to promote boating safety but the coast guard Auxiliary is NOT the U S Coast Guard.  In the cold weather months you should not expect anyone to get out of bed and put a boat in the water to rescue you on Cayuga lake . You are on your own 

  5. BBass boats are not made to be pushed slowly that is why they bow mount the trolling motors. If you want to pull spoons etc by yourself you may want to look for a used 14’ deep V aluminum fishing boat that is designed for that type of fishing.  Yes a 45lb electric will push your boat fine but it will not fix your problem.

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