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  1. 13 hours ago, Gill-T said:

    first off, wow that is a large ticket item!  Second, what do you do when a deer is in cover and the range finder is reading bushes and branches in the foreground?

    It’s the best thing I’ve ever bought for my bow and I would recommend it in a second to anyone. It’s incredible. That said, I never use the preset pins and I’ve never had an issue with false reads. The laser is very precise with your aiming point. You would need to use one to fully understand what I mean by that, but I have unwavering confidence in it. 

  2. 20 minutes ago, darkeagle10x said:


    Thanks for the info. The deer here eat the turnips/radishes like they are on crack so I really want to have some here every year but am only working an acre total. With a third of it in clover.

    It was the same for me last year, got absolutely pounded. This year shockingly the brassica has seen good use but not quite as much. I have so many huge bulbs though (that they are already eating), so late season should be tremendous. I will say that winter rye was huge for me last year too and it is so easy to plant. Don’t overlook simple stuff and just skip straight to brassica. 

  3. 2 hours ago, darkeagle10x said:

    Pretty much every type of tuber seed says not to plant more than 2 consecutive years in the same place due to possible disease and of course nutrients in the ground. Do you feel this method allows you to plant the same thing every year?

    A buddy of mine does big and beasty every year without fail and it never is an issue for him. That said I will rotate out to other things just for deer draw and to be different from the neighbors. For instance my neighbors don’t do clover so I changed my front food plot to a perennial clover plot and guess which plot is being hammered? I’m not super worried about crop rotation, with the buckwheat and fertilizer, I feel I am putting enough back into the soil. 

  4. 3 hours ago, FISHIN' ADDICTION said:

    Seeing this thread has me intrigued to try doing a food plot next year.  My question is what did you start with in that field?  Where I want to do it is about 3 acres in the middle of our woods that is overgrown goldenrod.  Im thinking an atv pull behind mower to mow that off early spring and then follow what you did.  thoughts?

    I would worry far less about mowing and just simply get good weed kills from the very jump of spring green up. If you are planting a fall plot and you are going straight from a fallow field, then I would skip the buckwheat step and simply weedkill from spring greenup straight through to late summer. Probably get 5-6 kills in. You will be amazed at how little biomass there is once it has been killed and dried. From there you should have wide open soil by late august with just standing stalks of dead plants. Then plant whatever you want. Then the next year I would start in with the buckwheat method as you will have cleared with way for it with the initial year heavy sprayings. 

  5. 14 minutes ago, garrymny said:

    How do the seeds fall through the standing buckwheat and reach the ground? Seems like many or most of the seeds would not reach the ground but be caught in the leaves and stalks of the buckwheat.


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    They fall through perfectly there is zero surface tension between the two objects so they just bounce off and fall right onto the open soil. 

  6. It’s funny deer movement should be killer right now but these last two days all my insanely reliable camera movement is just GONE. The neighbors all around the property these last two days all decided to be out around their houses and apparently operating heavy machinery, gotta wonder if that has something to do with it. 

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  7. 18 hours ago, Tomb said:

    I saw 5 bucks this morning in 2 hours..  15 points between all 5 of them..   big guys appear to be moving after hours..  I expect that to change soon..  this is in southern Livingston county.

    I'm for sure seeing the little guys in the day on the cams with all of the shooters working around after dark. I also expect that to shift significantly in the next week. I am in Western Monroe County.

  8. Checking my cams and I come across two trespassers on the cams. Super disappointing to see a full grown man teaching a kid that trespassing and hunting on someone else's HEAVILY posted land is ok. This is how we get hunters that think it's ok to do whatever they want and shoot over property lines. 


    This is very frustrating to see, wish I was out there to catch them. 



  9. Last update for you all to see the final result of the food plots. I would encourage anyone doing plots to begin to utilize the no till approach. It has come out absolutely perfect and i have included some final pictures to give you an idea of the growth I got. If you have any questions about the process, don't hesitate to PM me and ask!




    unnamed (5).jpg

    unnamed (4).jpg

    unnamed (3).jpg

    unnamed (2).jpg




  10. 30 minutes ago, Gator said:


    Yeah, pretty much - big boys will be looking for mature does. IMHO, there's pluses and minuses to taking out the matriarch. It can certainly changes the entire hierarchy of movement on the property, which may be good. Or not. Flip a coin I guess. 


    I see you managed a good one. Congratulations!

    Yes, I def hear you! Trying to do what I can to minimize impact while taking a few annoying mammas out of the herd. Still trying to tweak my residents on the property to be a little less doe heavy, but I certainly see where you are coming from. 

  11. 1 hour ago, Gator said:

    We just finished a morning of trimming lanes and changing straps. Could have shot fifty bazillion doe walking around. I can’t imagine wanting to deal with a deer in this heat, but I get the motivation to harvest the older doe. It could work against you though, too. I’ll stick to squirrel this year

    How do you figure? Less attraction for bucks? I figure a bunch of dumb 1 year old does going into heat will do me better than mature wind cognizant does. 

  12. Ill be out in the afternoon today, I don’t love the early season but I’m using this opportunity to remove the oldest and wiset does from our insane numbers in Brockport. In out, bang done. Don’t go back in till mid October. I should get my younger brother on his first deer as well as a good buddy of mine. Old mature does gone before the bigs come around is a win for me. Granted I know that a lot of people in NY won’t have this same restraint. Thoughts and prayers for the spotted does today. All in all the lead in to this season has been a big win as my no till plots are thriving and my water hole has seen great use. Can’t wait till colder weather and cruising giants. 

  13. So a weekend getaway to Cayuga lake is turning into a 5k boat repair for my Alumacraft. Long story but the short version is that the vacation house dock cleats failed and swang my boat into the dock overnight. My Terrova is destroyed and some rub rail damage was done. Hull and motor miraculously didn’t take any damage. 

    Anyway, insurance claim is already filed so do you gentlemen know of a good place around Rochester that’s authorized for Alumacraft repair? Thanks in advance. 

  14. 5 hours ago, SylvanTroller said:

    Looks like the pm went through but I can not view your response. I was wondering where you are located and it the riggers have autostops?

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    Sorry about that, I did respond right away. Technically they are spoken for but I have received no money for them and they are saying they are coming this weekend, I can let you know if anything falls through. 

  15. Putting my cannons up for sale, a little older but in great shape and work excellent. Line counters work great and never had a single issue with them. The guy I bought them from refurbished them so they are working tip top. Retrieves 12 lb balls great albeit a little more slowly than a newer rigger. $250 takes both riggers. 

    Just selling because I got some new Scottys.

    DM for any details. 





  16. Quick update, with just a little more time and rain the plots look incredible. The long one is darn near perfect and my back square plot filled in a ton more. I probably don’t even need rye in that one but I am still gonna give it 50 lbs and they both will get urea before the next rain! 

    Gotta say guys, this has worked super super well. 




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