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  1. Glad to see that the warm temps didn’t keep the activity down last night, I had deer around me as well. Let’s hope the need to procreate is stronger than the need to stay cool! Mornings should start to take the edge in production in the next few days though 

  2. I don’t think the warm fronts will matter much, deer will be comfortable and moving all the same as the rut moves into full swing. Scrapes around me just went ice cold, sure sign that bucks are up to other things. Had a huge 8 at 69 yards last night as he lumbered around in search of does, many daylight pics of shooters......only need one mistake. 

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  3. 21 minutes ago, Roys Boys said:

    Called in a shooter 50 yards for a buddy of mine that wants to get one mounted on state land. Wind was hitting us in the face all morning didn’t dress warm enough so now I’m home! Rattle make noise! Get deer curious! don’t use rattle bags or any thing that’s not real antlers.. bucks are starting to get territorial

    How on earth did they hear you? Wind was whippin! Bucks where still on the move as I had a few around, none big enough though 

  4. 9 minutes ago, Legacy said:

    October 28 pm
    50 degrees
    Partly sunny
    SW 5-15 mph

    An unbelievable night on stand. Crazy numbers. Insane amount of bucks. It seemed like non stop chasing. Every time i scanned there was another doe getting chased. Had one of my target bucks just out of reach with the bow tonight. About 40-50 yards. Deer was bedded downwind of me and traveled directly into the wind right freaking past me. Ugh. I guess that says a lot about ozone and scent control.


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    You using ozonics?

  5. 6 minutes ago, HOLY DIVER said:

    I even panicked during the drout and added 200lbs of rye.. so under all that leaf is a lush green carpet .   Last time I did annuals they hit em hard late NoV .  We don't have deer herds around here we have herds of hunters. Its surprising we have 🦌  at all

    LOL So did I. I added 100 lbs of rye to each of my .5 acre plots. Thank God I did!

  6. 2 hours ago, HOLY DIVER said:

    Taboo for me to walk in or around my plot after September but I just had to check it out . Knee high Wintergreens on the right planted Aug 4th and green patch plus on the left planted September 7th. Both are getting light brows right now. 4 active scrapes on the edges..

    Me being a dope shooting baby buck has my phone ringing off the hook with buddies I never seen helping me all summer...go figure. 


    I plan to put a few rookie first timers in there to get them hooked for life ..I feel like a heroin dealer. :)





    It’s funny you got light browse, I am surrounded by ag fields but my plots of beets and turnips got pounded since September. Luckily they developed some great bulbs and still putting out new green growth 

  7. 2 hours ago, bout time said:


    You see more deer in one night than I do all season. I’m excited to see one or two a day out my way. Love following you guys and all the stories. Makes for my long “eventless” sits tolerable

    ‘Bout Time


    Some times the property just does not setup well for daytime movement. Last year was the first time I hunted on a new property that my father bought and it had tons of deer sign, but hardly any daytime movement. I knew I would have to manipulate the circumstances in order to get numbers during legal light. So three food plots later I have at least 8-14 does during legal light every day. It's just tough for the guys who are not able to make any land improvements, I feel for them as they are in a real bind if the property is not a good one. 

  8. 50 minutes ago, machzrcr said:

    Ok I'm in a pickle... 2 options here, I have a true giant showing up that I have been after for 2 years now.. He is only showing up at night (although only 15 min after shooting light. 3 days ago) but being pretty consistent now, he has been on camera 5 times in last few weeks. Been staying out till he does some day light showings (hopefully...) and Keeping the does around. But... On another piece I have a mid 130s 10 point out during the day now chasing does, he was out there this morning running off smaller bucks while I was there.


    So would you. Target the daylight buck ( great ny buck all day long) Or risk tag soup holding out for a true giant. I'm torn..


    Already have meat in the freezer. Lol.


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    Hunt the 130 and hope the bigger one screws up!

  9. 26 minutes ago, bout time said:

    Anyone try to start rattling or grunting with any success? Thinking with the cold weather approaching this weekend I may try it

    ‘Bout Time

    Funny you should ask that. I might start this weekend. I have never had ANY success grunting. Never even gotten a real reaction. Never had any reaction to rattling.......BUT I have spun 3 giant deer 180 degrees on a bleat call. Bleat has by far been the most effective for me. 

  10. 18 hours ago, Pa223 said:

    Hey idn713. Just read this. Curious. Great shot and no blood. We’re you in a ground blind?

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    Nope, from a tree stand about 19 ft up, but the doe was on the high side so it was prob more like 15 ft up from where she was. 

  11. 32 minutes ago, schreckstoff said:

    Great recovery, congrats. I don’t understand why wasn’t there a better blood trail based on that shot? Do you have any theories?


    NittanyF - nice job and thanks for sharing, cool story.

    IDK man, my only theory is that a piece of internal organ or tissue clotted the hole quick. An instant pass through with an opposite hole

    that low should dump blood, but if gravity pulls a severed piece of flesh there, then I guess I could mitigate blood loss. I don’t think I can rightly blame the broad head though, it did do it’s job. 

  12. Well she was 10 yards from where I lost blood and she laid down so neatly there was no white belly. Found her in 3 minutes in the daylight. I went double lunged through the bottom and cut the major heart artery. Barely any freaking blood and she acted like nothing happened. Absolutely wild. Not a great look for my Magnus Stingers which I am using for the first time. Amazing pass through, but where is the blood!!!! Anyway happy that one less matriarch is off of this doe circus. 





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