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  1. Nice clean looking fish. As I remember way back when the rainbows actually tasted better from there because they didn't feed on alewives as in most of the other places. Haven't fished there in quite a few years .....gives me incentive to get back there:smile:

  2. Good advice. Depending on the maximum weight your downriggers are rated for either the torpedo or shark shaaped weights offer superior performance. The heavier the weight usually the less blowback. The 12 -16 lb weights are very common on Lake O as the current is very strong out there and can radically affect any wieght suspended.

    The cannonball weights can be superior to the pancakes in most any situation but the more streamlined torpedoes or sharks are a much superior solution. There are two LOU guys that make great weights: Troutman87 (currently out of action with broken ankle) and bikinibottom (Rich's number is:

    Call or text 607 346 4782
    Rich aka bikini bottom

  3. Fished from 8 AM until 2:30 PM 90 ft through 400 ft from couple miles west of Sodus Point to out in front of Ginna never saw a fish or bait. A couple small browns in 230 ft of water down 60 on 300 copper, one small fish on rigger parked at 95 ft got off just short of the boat. When we quit marked bunch of fish right on bottom 50-77 ft of water just west of Hughes. Was pretty rough  rollers in AM so didn't send down the probe so no real idea of temps. Haven't been real impressed with the fishing the last three times out.

  4. Most folks run #45 lb copper but I have a couple setups with 32 lb copper and 200 yds of 40 lb braid which fits fully on Okuma Magda Pro 45DXs. They do an acceptable job but 200 yds backing is a minimum in my view. A couple years ago I saw the spool through the remaining 40 lb braid and the king never stopped headed for Canada and severed the copper at the haywire connection - a first for me in all the years I've been doing this stuff. It pays to get a high capacity reel that fits least 300 yds of 40 or 50 lb backing for the copper to avoid this happening (hopefully). One of the reasons for the extra backing is running the setup from boards and sometimes this isn't taken into consideration.

  5. Remember the leadcore sinks so that it is at an angle downward even with the backing running up higher. I use Walleye inlines so the pull of the board upward is not great. Most of the time I fasten to the boards just a little way up the braid backing (at the point it enters the water above the swivel. so it doesn't get hammered with fleas. I guess I try not to overthink it as I'm not being graded on it or anything:lol: Try it each way and see what you think or like. It always pays to experiment.

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  6. Many folks are reluctant to attach to the leadcore itself but for most applications it shouldn't be a problem. The actual strength of the leadcore is in the outer layer around the lead itself. The lead gives it the weight but not much in terms of strength. If carefully used the sheathing should not be damaged if placed in most releases. That is my reasoning for the ten color as the most versatile. I also have dedicated setup lengths in 1, 3, 5 , 7, and the ten color. I  have never had the sheathing break or even fray from that type of use. if the lead breaks inside it would be irrelevant unless maybe the strand stuck through the sheathing somehow.

  7. 12 hours ago, whaler1 said:

    Don’t pay too much attention to temp right now. In particular if you are fishing inside 150. Kings are there and you may be surprised by how many.

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    Bill is right. The fish are coloring up pretty good now and the matures are probably starting to stack up inside and folks may mistake them for lakers and they may  be hard to get to hit as their feeding response may now be diminished and water temp may be irrelevent but sometimes if you bug them enough by using active highly colored lures and trolling back and forth over them you can entice them to hit out of aggression the younger ones are a different matter and they may be running out with the steelies out deeper.

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