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  1. Didn't have a camera with me but checked out north end Canandaigua just now. Water level high but not disasterous. Spoke with a couple of Bass guys fishing from their boats in the marina they said quite a bit of debris and some logs floating around out in the lake.

  2. Really tough from Rochester to Sodus to put a good day together right now no matter how far out you go. Skippies are absent as well. Wondering whether our northern brothers are doing anything over there?

  3. This is a good example of the personal preference issue which threads through many discussions on here. You have two different views by very experienced fishermen that each have good reasons for their views which reflect their own experiences with both types of line and they prefer one over the other the other. In short, there is no "one size fits all" answer to this as it comes down to what you feel more comfortable with, or may have had better results with in the past. So it basically comes down to either trying out each and making a determination based on their performance in your situation, or "winging it" :lol:

  4. Sounds as though you may be referring to Owasco but I wouldn't generalize that to all the Finger Lakes (e.g. Keuka, Seneca, or Canadaigua for example) I night fished fished those lakes 50 years ago and the sawbellies were attracted to the lights in huge schools and we got our bait to fish that way. There is less bait now than back in those times and that holds for each of those lakes mentioned. Seneca has bait but not the predators munching on it but I remember herds of bait that would literally run for miles from bottom to surface on each of the lakes I mentioned on my graph recorder.

  5. Although it may be done it may create a premature wear situation so it would be taking your chances I guess. The motors on many of the older riggers just weren't up to lifting the heavy stuff.

  6. This is however the first time we have had someone from UPSTATE that comes from a blue collar family in that position. Lets not jump off the cliff yet :lol: It could be that ANY politician regarded Cuomo as a huge liability for upcoming elections and thats all they care about anyway and most folks regardless of party were either intimidated by him or just couldn't stand him so they took advantage of the opportunity to jump on board the train to take him out before he messed over them in some way.

  7. :yes: Good going Bill. "All the right stuff" Kudos also to the emergency folks who help folks out all the time and frequently without attention to the fact or even thanks sometimes. We do in fact have a great bunch of people on LOU who are there to help others whether on the water or on here.

  8. The copper wire you want is single strand copper not the braided. The braided stuff is too stiff to be able to feel the bottom real well and because it is composed of multiple strands it offers more resistance in the water.  The single strand wire can be anywhere from .018 to .028 in diameter. Not sure where you live but I think Roy's Marina in Geneva NY may have some. You may also be able to get it from Fishy business near Branchport. NY. If not, many electrical supply outlets may carry rolls of it.




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