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  1. The copper wire you want is single strand copper not the braided. The braided stuff is too stiff to be able to feel the bottom real well.  The single strand wire can be anywwhere from .018 to .028 in diameter. Not sure where you live but I think Roy's Marina in Geneva NY may have some. You may also be able to get it from Fishy business near Branchport. NY. If not, many electrical supply outlets may carry rolls of it.




  2. As mentioned it is a lot of work for trout and salmon and the results don't often pay off to the extent it is worth it. I used to do it before and after night fishing with bait (more productive). First of all it is difficult to see what you are doing and where exactly your lines are located and the angle of them etc. Tangles are made easier by the darkness and especially if there is any wind at all. Didn't have mapping then so it was nearly impossible to tell where you are in the lake and easy to get turned around from where you think you are and especially when the cottage lights go out:lol: Give it a shot and see what you think....

  3. There are two types of sliders (cheaters) fixed and sliding. The main thing is to keep them from possibly tangling. For the fixed slider it should be located at a safe distance from the main line and weight (e.g. 10 ft or more) when the slider leader is  say 6-8  ft long. I keep mine at 7 -8 ft long so that they are shorter than my 8 1/2 ft rods so that I can net fish more easily without hand lining them in. The sliding cheater can be put on the main line at pretty much any time or depth as it freely slides down the main rigger line and usually nests in the belly of that line somewhere. Usually that short leader will slide down to the end of the main line and extend beyond it when the main line is pulled in (with or without a fish on it)

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  4. First of all I have no recollection of the specific  issue to which you are referring and it may have been from some time ago apparently. Let me first say that whatever my comment was it was never intended to question someones honesty in a public format so if it may have been poorly worded or something it was misperceived if that was the case. When fish weights are estimated - especially from digital pics for example they can be easily misinterpreted. I usually rely on the data from the table in the DEC syllabus of approximate weights of different species when the length of the fish is a known factor and these weights are generally quite close (e.g. within a pound or less of the actual weights of fish I  have had weighed on certified scales over time). That is what I use for the basis of a comment on weight and there can be exceptions to those figures. If you interpreted my comment in any way that suggested it was questioning your (or anyone's) honesty or integrity for that matter I fully apologize for not making that clear in any comment I may have made. I hope this resolves the issue for you.

  5. 1 hour ago, marinerak87 said:

    It was a great tournament had alot of fun. One thing i noticed is why do some people not weigh their fish at the end? Your ego so big that if you dont place you dont want no part of it? Just baffles me is all.. just my 2 cents

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    Sometimes it is worth giving folks the benefit of a doubt before jumping to negative conclusions:smile:

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  6. We were one of those teams. The reasoning was that we had maybe 20 or less pounds of fish and were going to donate them and John had already weighed in over 40 lbs with several others in the 20's and thirties. The guy collecting the fish to be donated had a cooler pretty loaded and we didn't want to take fish home to clean having to drive quite aways,and after having slept in our cars overnight at the launch we were beat:lol: It made no sense to prolong the time for the drawings etc. so it was a "consideration" move on our part too. We had a five fish mixed box with 3 lakers and 2 rainbows and had released about a half dozen fish of both species by the way.

  7. Yep. I was excited and encouraged a couple years ago before the new dock was built and I had a chance to talk with one of the town board guys about the shape of the previous dock and launch, but unfortunately it turns out that the people that made the decisions about constructing it were obviously not fishermen or even boaters:o It certainly should have been a "floating" dock (despite possible expense concerns) ; especially considering the extreme fluctuations in the Lake Ontario water levels each year. They built a fixed level dock while water levels were at an all time high and then when the level returned to lower levels the dock remained way too high up making it difficult if not dangerous (e.g. southeast or strong east wind) to launch or return.  Really a shame.

  8. Great tournament and run very smoothly. Kudos to all involved in running it. Great group of people. The win by John Wild (Nautitroller) was not "accidental" or "luck". I told Fishstix the day before the tournament "the guy to watch will be John Wild" He is a very good fisherman as are his fellow Finger Lakes Trollers. Congrats to John and all the other folks that placed. Good turn out and I would encourage any folks thinking about it to  do the tournament next year....lot of fun.:yes:

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  9. I would also echo Rick's comment. many of the things suggested are possible sources or things to consider; not hard fast complaints about qualitative issues with the units. Fishhawk makes excellent units and they provide excellent servicing. I have had the Fishhawk X4D for a few years and it has performed flawlessly alongside my Lowrance finder (83/200 khz) and the Fishhawk transducer shares a screw with it on the transom:smile: The comments offered here shouldn't be a reason not to buy one. Whether they are worth the money for someone to purchase is a separate question related to their own financial state and taste or need and not related to the quality of the Fishhawk.

  10. 15 hours ago, risackila said:

    Good to know. Sounds like the anti flea line is a bit slippery and may release too easily. I’m going with a thick 30 lb (Damyl Tectan) which is supposed to be tough. 

    The Sea Flee line is slippery and it has considerable stretch but I have used it for about 7 or 8 yrs now and it does a good job of shedding flea. The spinys come off just by slapping the line against the water but the fishhook type of flea are a different matter; they accrue like cottonwood on the line and are more difficult to remove when thick.. The Big Game mono 30 lb is also good and I use it for a number of things. Although larger diameter mono and fluoro work better than small diaameter lines with fleas when fleas are very thick or densely distributed they can adhere to anything no matter what the diameter or type of material including 150 and 200 lb test downrigger wire.

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