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  1. Not too late in season; a couple things are going on : a) the water temp is higher than usual right now and things are behind normal in general for instance the foliage on the trees. October and November can be real good normally, and b) the lake is turning over with algae all over the place suspended in the water column. We need some much cooler nights to bring down the water temperatures and a lot of the algae will disappear too. The smallies are suspended out deep where the temps are right and where most of the bait is right now. Nice one by the way. hang in there as the fall season is just getting ready to start the lake still thinks it is summer.:lol:

  2. Yeah I used to fish the one at Adams Basin too and just bass. Years ago the one at Newark had a lot of northerns and walleyes and a couple years ago I talked with a guy who had a cottage over there and he had been getting walleyes of his dock so the northerns may still be around.


    I used to get a lot of northerns on bait (shiners and fatheads) near the spillway in Lyone right on Rt#31

  3. The mentioning of Bayluscide is a little misleading. It is actually an additive to TFM which is the main treatment chemical. Bayluscide is readily absorbed by the sediment layer. Bayluscide has also been used on small bodies of water to control Zebra mussels but it is too expensive and impractical to use on large bodies like the Fingers for that purpose. It is also mentioned by DEC that it will "improve fishing" but it should be noted that it will take YEARS before significant impact will be seen because the treatment has no impact on the juveniles and adults roaming the lakes.


    https://umesc.usgs.gov/documents/publications/2003/dawson_a_2003.html#:~:text=Bayluscide is an additive to TFM that increases,(2'%2C 5-dichloro-4'-nitrosalicylanilide)%2C the active ingredient of Bayluscide%2C degrades


    Wondering if maybe they treated the Keuka Outlet in June and now doing Catherines?

  4. The above video from 2009 is just about as funny and is more like a "caricature" depiction of the process. Well intentioned and there probably isn't much out there in the way of videos but serious copper folks would have some concerns about the thoroughness of the description of the actual process when done right including the hand motions and various specifics of the technique etc.

  5. The Whaler is probably the safest boat but the Parker is in a class all by itself and it would be my choice out of all of them. They hold up well, have a lot of open space in the back, cut through the water beautifully, have a first class cabin/hardtop and on and on. On the downside they are expensive and you seldom see used ones for sale:smile: For 20-30 grand you'd probably be looking at one with some age. I wouldn't worry about the hull on either the Whaler or the Parker but older engines are the question mark.

  6. Glenn as I mentioned in my earlier post if you select the right 9.8 or 9 (one without all the frills but electric start) it may be about 90 lbs. Obviously you are free to do whatever you wish but in my own experience at least it could be a mistake getting a lower horsepower motor. Even on my 13 ft Whaler I initially had a 4 hp Evinrude and found that it was insufficient to get me back in when the high wind/waves came up. Most emergency uses happen when you least expect it so selection with that in mind you may wish to reconsider rather than being sorry later and having to get a larger kicker as I did. My 9.8 electric start Tohatsu weighs about 90 lbs. and will push my 3500 lb boat about 8 mph full tilt with more torque than my old two stroke 9.9 had Getting the right (sturdy) bracket and right length shaft are critical to performance however. By the way I use an electric trolling motor extension handle on the kicker to control the throttle and to make occasional adjustments to steering which I do with the main 135 hp motor because I sometime fish solo and don't use an autopilot. I am also able to steer with my main motor without a connection rod most of the time.

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