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  1. I don't know if you tackled this job yet, but I have the same boat and did the same job.  Pulled all the old foam, fixed a few rivets with solid marine rivets, sealed with Gluvit, and redid the foam and floors.  I went with an idea I saw on the starcraft restoration forum over at Iboats.  I used the blue closed cell 4x8 sheets.  Laid them lengthwise along the aluminum floor supports.  Cut them off flush.  Tucked them all in tight from side to side, bow to stern.  Wherever there was room, I stuffed more cuttings in.  Once you secure the floor down it's rock solid and the foam on edge provides a bunch of hull support.  Ended up way cheaper than the 2 part epoxy, which we all know breaks down over time.  


  2. Guys,


    I need some advice on how to set up some gear a bit better on a StarCraft Islander.  Currently running 2 scottys, 2 sets of scotty triples, and 2 cannon HD manuals off the back occasionally. I'd like to somehow get everything mounted on something that makes moving things around a bit easier, and also removing from the boat a little easier.  What's out there, what are guys running?  Any pics of setups on similar boats?


    I've got quite a bit of space on each gunnel and also across the transom.



  3. Not to highjack, but do these old Thompsons ride nice in the water?  I see lots of guys asking about them, and have looked at a couple myself.  To me they seemed somewhat lighter than most.

  4. Fellow Islander owners.......I have an 89 22fter that I'm currently replacing floors and foam on.  My question is, does anyone have ANY pictures or tips around the cabin wall area?  It looks to me like the entire cabin wall (supporting dash) has to come out??


    Any help greatly appreciated.  Trying not to lose my entire season here. 

  5. Yep, I'll be doing that for sure.  Plan was to change out fill, vent, and pickup line.  Looking to pull up floors, foam, do tank and lines, and address any rivets.  Seal with gluvit on the inside, re-foam, re-floor, and upgrade the interior.  Big job, but I love the boat so I think it's worth while.

  6. Well, here's my personal take on my 221V....


    Fairly light to tow, in comparison to the same size boat in glass.  Sits high and dry in the water.  This is a comforting feeling, but also makes it catch a breeze fairly easily (most noticeable when turning during a troll).  They ride just fine in a light chop, especially once on plane and on top of the chop.  But like any aluminum boat, once they get to a certain size, you'll get the pounding.  When they pound, they definitely pound a bit harder than glass.  They take a good beating for a riveted boat.  I take mine to the limits on lake Erie, day in and day out.  And in 5 seasons I have had to address 3 rivets.  With that being said, when I pull my floors up, I am going to rebuck my rivets while I'm in there.  In terms of room, I often fish 4 guys no problem.  The cuddy has ample space for your kids. 


    I'd say the biggest downside to the boat, is the rougher ride in choppier water, and without trim tabs they tend to bite the water and roll a bit if you get caught having to run in the trough.   But if I slow down, I have never found myself in a situation that I felt uncomfortable in, and I've been caught in some heavy heavy weather on Erie several times.


    The doghouse really isn't that big of a problem.  There's ample room to each side of it.  The 4.3 runs all day for little cost.  I have an area on Erie that I run 27 miles in each direction, troll all day on the main engine, and it uses about 70 bucks in total.  Cruises great at around 27-29mph, and tops out around 35-38.  Trolls all day no probs.  Gets down around 1.8-2.2mph without trolling socks, and with a tiny kick up in throttle, trolls great for salmon at 2.2-3.0mph.


    All in all, if you find one in decent shape for the right price, can't beat them. 

  7. Fellow Islander owners, if there is someone here who has a more modern Islander, can you PM me a few pics of the interior?  I'm freshening up my 89 with some new floors, coverings, seats, etc.  Problem is, there isn't much reference material online for some of the more modern boats, say 2000 and up. 


    Thanks in advance.

  8. Might sound silly, but has anyone ever caught an incidental whitefish on Lake O while fishing other species?  Apparently there's still quite a few in the lake, just never hear of any caught.  Obviously different tactics target them, but you'd think the odd one would get snagged up on a deep rigger line once in a while.

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