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  1. 50 minutes ago, Gill-T said:

    I found out about it after the fact due to Bill Hilts fishing report in Buffalo News. I understand why you can’t do it live as zoom meetings can degrade with each person jumping online. Was LOTSA or ELOTSA given notice?  Hopefully the DEC can present at the Niagara show per usual. 

    I cant speak for LOTSA or ELOTSA but the Niagara county fishery adiversy board was not notified. And we get all of the stocking notice emails for area 9 so it's not like they dont have the email list. 

  2. 12 hours ago, GAMBLER said:

    The point of the Derby is to put money in Dave Chilson's pocket.  If it was to promote the fishery, you would not cut the Steelhead out of the Spring and Summer and the Lake Trout out of the Fall derby!  We have world class fisheries for Kings, Browns, Steelhead and lake trout and they are not promoted equally at all! 

    i no longer push my clients to get into the derby because of the removal of the steelhead division.

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  3. 4 hours ago, Gill-T said:

    I think when evaluating any tournament teams look at two items (not gimmicks), entrance fees and payouts. Despite having stores (skin in the game) in Toronto, St Catherines, Buffalo and Auburn, I have not seen Bass Pro/Cabela’s presence in these events. I think the answer would be partnering with BPS and see if the event could be televised. 

    I like your idea of partnering with BPS and see if the event could be televised. 


    Also i don't think Lakers should be allowed. I believe there should be a tournament or 2 for Lake trout but they shouldn't be apart of this tournament.

    I like the no observer idea and just have boat checks but with the boarder issue i don't see how this is possible. 

    I don't think that teams should be allowed to go over into Canada, as its a US tournament so US waters.

    Also i don't see how Canadian dollar entry fee being on par with US dollar fee is fair. As it will only cause the overall payout to be smaller and cause US teams to basically pay more. 

  4. 8 hours ago, bandrus1 said:

    We have pages and pages of people arguing about it. And like admitted, you couldn't produce a picture of a whole limit. This should really be the end of the argument is that on the whole, it doesn't matter if the limit changes from 3 to 2 it will impact probably .005 percent of all the trips on Lake Ontario and you could probably even circumvent it if you really want to by keeping the Captain's and mate's limit on charters if you insisted


    If the rule doesn't effect anyone as you say why reduce the limit for steelhead from 3 to 2? If it doesn't affect anyone then it will not increase the numbers of steelhead which is the rational for the proposed change. So all this would do if you are correct is just create animosity between lake and trib anglers and open the door for more regulations. Makes one think doesn't it.

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  5. 4 hours ago, Yankee Troller said:

    I also read where the DSR on the Salmon river is making changes by only allowing fly fishing on certain days, and making people move drifts after a certain amount of time. I know the guy who runs the place. He's told me numerous times he has enough guys who would pay $20,000ea to hang out, smoke cigars, catch one or two fish and be content. They wouldn't have to allow the masses in who buy daily and yearly passes. With more land going from public to private up there I can see where this whole trib thing is going.

    I think this is a key part of this. Catch and release is fine but the more the rules go toward catch and release only the more this fishery will become an elitist fishery only just like how the Atlantic Salmon fishery is.  So i see this as them starting down the road of a fishery that's for everyone to a fishery for only those with extremely deep pockets.

  6. I would go with electric downriggers as i find that on the east end you end up fishing 100 plus feet down that time of year to get to the fish.  It also maybe beneficial to take a charter for your first time. It would help shorten the learning curve and may save you some money by showing you what to buy and what not to buy. Or if you are thinking of doing this just as a one time thing it would be a lot cheaper to charter then to buy downriggers and all the lures needed for salmon fishing. 

  7. 2 hours ago, Smat64 said:

    Fished 5-8PM

    All fish and marks from 70-110' FOW. blank screen 110-200'


    2 lakers one 11#

    2 small kings on a double up


    Spoons, SD/fly SD/Meat all worked.


    Weather was too nice.


    New to Fish Hawk and its turning off randomly. Factory said to reset it, but that didn't work, today they asked if I have a mid 90' merc and I do. It is out putting voltage spikes. Must be a common issue. Anybody have this problem and have a remedy? Voltage suppressor plug?



    I had this exact problem on my boat.  There is two ways around this issue.  They make spark plug wires that wont throw off any interference tho i can't remember what they where called.  The other way around this is to run the hawk off of a different battery then what your main engine is running off of. 

  8. Cooper is nice in that you don't need as much of it to achieve the same depth as LC but I find it a little harder to use as on some reels it can have a tendency to tangle on the reel where LC is more user friendly. 

  9. 45 minutes ago, GAMBLER said:

    Why go that far when you have Oneida, Erie, St. Lawrence river and Bay of Quinte?  I stopped going to remote Canadian lakes because we have amazing fishing right in our back yard. 

    you know that is very true, there really is no need to go to Canada. We where going in the winter so now we just go to the Adirondacks instead. 

  10. 12 minutes ago, pap said:

    My family and I have been fishing Canada for at least 30 years and we always fished Quebec, and until you experience a Canadian walleye trip there's no way to explain the amount of eyes you can catch a day. Which is more that one can imagine!! I've fished a lake just above Maniwaki? Lake Bitobi? Then we flew into a lake that we fished 15-20 years straight called Lake O'Sullivan. It was leased by an American named Ted Barklow, now it's owned by a Frenchman, I think his name is Mike. We put many miles on Clova road. We fished Mary's lake excellent eye fishing and we fished the Gouin Res. Which is huge we didn't cover 1/10 of that body of water. Another lake we fished and this lake was truly amazing, because the walleyes hit all day long. Not like most others where the evening bite was insane fishing for a 2-3hr period of time. All but the first place I would recommend, unless you want to catch huge sturgen in the Gatinea? River, but I don't know the Canadian rules anymore. Crossing the border has sure changed things and has kept us in the states after 3 different times getting tore down at the border causing us to not make our stay overnight place, losing our deposit a end up sleeping in the truck for a few hrs till we decided to carry on. Even the outfitters were mad. I mean we always took 2-3 trucks so if one had a problem the others were able to get help. We never got fined for anything, U.S. men most served their country, clean cut. We actually got put into a interrogation room 1x1 and asked if we ever had a dui ever smuggled cigarettes into this country, I got asked if I was selling 30-06 ammunition to a outfitter I never heard of. Finally I had enough of this guys shyt!! I said do you have anything to arrest me on, no he said, so I told the police man, either I can go back across the bridge or I can continue to bring close to $10,000 into your country like we've been doing for the last 20 years. Then they left us go. What we spent hrs. doing Friday night we can do all over because they took everything off our trucks, we had to pack it all back on by ourselves. That made for 10 mad men. That's just one incident how many others did they do that to. This was before 911. I love to fish Canada there's no place on this continent that you can catch eyes like Canada, but when you have a truck load of silver haired guys in I doubt their bringing drugs or bombs across the bridge.

    I used to go with my family up to a place by Timmins and stopped doing because of the same issues. The walleye, pike, and splake fishing was awesome but not worth the issues at the boarder. 

  11. 1 hour ago, Sk8man said:

    Every time I hear the term "native species" I think to myself : "Who the hell cares about the unrealistic desire to transform the lake back to its "native" state" in terms of the fishery (e.g. Atlantics and Lake trout). Probably the same folks that think it is a good idea to protect cormorants. The Great Lakes are never going to return back to the place when humans weren't around using them (witness the introduction of invasives) and why get stuck in gear with this notion of returning native species to their former state or levels when it is clearly unrealistic and not even desired by most folks. 

    Agreed and what do you consider native. I get lake trout and Atlantic salmon are native but the strain of both of those fish is gone just like the blue pike so I don't think todays Lake trout and Atlantic's are any more native then kings and Steelhead as there note totally the same fish that was in the lake 200 years ago. 

  12. Don't feel bad about the ocean charter i experience the same thing on the Kenai.  A lot of fish around and we just kept doing the same thing with very little results. I think a lot guides in vacation areas like that don't get a lot of experienced anglers.

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