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  1. I use the general fishing mode. Here are a couple pictures to get you started, just going to have to play around with it.Also make sure you download the latest software.I had trouble with the transducer staying straight with it being so long, it would always tip down after awhile. The plastic bracket finally cracked and lowrance replaced it no problem with a steel one and I added a support bar so now it won’t move. Good luck and have fun.IMG_3339.JPG


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  2. I emailed Capt. Tim Maxam, owner of the TowBoat,on April 25th about when he would have the boat ready for service. I found out the hard way a few years ago in April when I broke down that it wasn’t available 24/7 since he told me he doesn’t have it ready till mid May weather permitting. He told me “ looks like we won’t be going in unless something changes. Looking to sell the business. As of now it looks like Rochester will handle calls, have yet to work out the details.”

    I sure hope this isn’t so, would hate to lose such a valuable service.

    It would take hours for someone to come from Rochester all the way to Sodus.

    Can anybody verify this.

    Please prove me wrong.

    Some of you must know Tim personally. Thanks in advance.



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  3. I want to give a shout out to capt Paul, Kingfisher III, for turning me on to the incredible fishing out of oak orchard.

    We had a steady pick from 7 to 3 and went 19 for 22 with the biggest king at 16 lbs.

    Targeted 150-200 fow with a 4 rigger, 2 diver setup.

    Riggers parked at 30,45,60,75 took most of the fish. Divers out 140 and 170 took a few and lost a few. Mostly a spoon bite tho.

    Sorry no pics, all fish were unhooked and released from the net outside the boat. Thanks again big brother! Hope you can make it out to Sloodus this year and help me find some fish!



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  4. The Carbons do get hot, I checked mine with an infrared digital temperature reader and it was 120 degrees on the touchscreen. I called lowrance and they are aware of the problem but you are right they had no solution. He said they were good up to 140 degrees! Holy crap really! But yes, I also try to shield mine from the sun.

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  5. Totalscan should be mounted on starboard side per installation instructions to eliminate prop bubble interference. Make sure you get it tight on the bracket because mine kept tipping down, shooting forward. Found this out as I checked it while anchored and swimming, twice it happened.

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  6. Fished solo from 4:30 - 8-30, west of port, 190 - 325 fow. Went 6 - 7 with 3 doubles, largest being just under 20 lb. 240 dipsey took 3 fish. 60’ rigger had 48 degrees. All fish caught in 50 degree water or less. But the fleas were horrible! On my 20 lb main line seemed like every foot had a patch of flea on it. Is everyone else seeing this too? Switching over to my 30 lb today, even the wire had a lot on it but that’s easier to get off of. Mainly a fly bite for me. Had two spoon bites, magnum glow green frog took one and a fixed slider stinger size bloody nose took the other. Green and gold FF on 80 rigger had two hits. Have a safe and happy 4th!IMG_2564.JPGIMG_2563.JPG



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  7. Don't use that crappy breakaway cable that comes with the probe, I lost a cannonball a few years ago when I was bringing the ball over to me. There must have been a weak spot in the cable and it broke free alright, right to the bottom. I made up a heavy duty rig to attach the ball. My probe never comes within 10 ft of the bottom so I don't need it to break free.
    Also, those probes are about $250 to replace so if it's not in the water it's in the protective case, I don't dangle it from the downrigger.IMG_1348.JPG

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