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  1. I installed a custom raised TraxsTech system along with their swivel mounts 3 years ago when I got my new boat. I run 3 Scotty downriggers with 20 lb Torpedo weights ... Absolutely no problems! I Used the backing plates  provided with my track system.  My recommendation go heavy duty for backing - spread the load out and you'll have no problems.

  2. I'm interested in spd. and temp. for Moor Subtrol, but have question will it work with my Scotties. I now have to use Special Subtrol antenna.

    I'm also into getting changed over to your 19 strand wire for all my wire rods. my buddy (DandyEyes) has both told me and demonstrated the quality of the product. I've fished the Torpedos with him and he has also recommended the Rigger weights. Our results at last years Sodus Pro-Am convinced me I want the products.

  3. As I've been unable to get to my computer (recovering from LYME Disease), I just read the coyote and fawns post, As a hunter in N.E. and previously in both Canada and Western states I can say that when I talk to my N.Y. friends that are successful hunters - 5 to 6 deer a season sure as #*#$- puts an inordinate amount of pressure on and area's deer population- especially if the hunters take anything that bleats, or snorts.

    Several of my acquaintances will rationalize that they exist and survive eating only wild game meat - and yet they hold down relatively well-paying jobs.

    I hunt for big deer and only big deer in the trophy class. I pass up does and spikes.

    I can eat plenty of venison and wild game, but the conservationist in me dictates I maintain some self-control.

    P.S.Before my Lyme Disease really laid me low; I shot one deer this last season - it dressed-out at 173 lbs. and had a 10 point rack, I'm letting it dry and will have it officially scored in late April.

  4. I've rigged 5 boats with DRs and I definitely would use the most robust backer plates you can insert udner your gunnels. I rigged one Thompson, we cut away foam and installed wassive plates mfg'd from aircraft grade alum. I also used type 3 lock-tie to secure the bolts I never had a nut work loose ( I checked them for 3 or 4 years and then not again until I sold the boat).


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