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  1. why don't you get a set of better downriggers? I have two electric Walker downriggers and two Cannon Mag 10's with the newer Bosch motors in them. Feel free to text me. I have a couple of smaller downrigger balls that I have never used. Let me weigh them and I will get back to you. Feel free to text me. James 315-408-8246

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  2.  I have a pair of Walker downriggers that have been taken up space in my garage. One has a little ding at the top as you can see in the photo but doesn't affect how they function. They have 36 inch booms, the bases have 4 adjusting slots, the wire and terminator ends are like new. I hooked them up yesterday to test them out and I actually think they are faster than my old Cannon 10a's. $250 and they are yours, just hook them up and go. Text or call me (James) at 315-408-8246.I am right outside of Watertown and can meet from here to Salmon Country (Mexico Point). 
















  3. I have 9 yellow inline planer boards that I am no longer using and they are taking space in the garage, There are 5 left boards and 4 right boards. All of the flags, weights, clips, and swivels are present and working. Selling as a lot for $135. I will be fishing this weekend out of Mexico Point boat launch if anyone is interested. Feel free to text at 315-408-8246. James761315172_20190712_0953481.thumb.jpg.a8e044a74cc5630e4d79193e4303482a.jpg




  4. That is what life is all about! Taking kids fishing and getting them out of the house and off of the computer games. I have caught so many fish in my life and I still enjoy taking people fishing and having them catch their first salmon, brown, steelhead, or lake trout. And I have so many people that have caught the biggest fish in their life on my boat and that makes me feel good. There is something about finding the fish, getting the right application in front of them, and hearing the clicker screaming. It will never get old. There is something about hanging out with family and friends and fishing and telling war stories that recharges my batteries and gives me another outlook on life. I know when I lose Pandora and cell phone service that I am in my happy place and I just keep heading west towards Buffalo the middle of the lake. It is nice to get away from the rat race on land and regain my faith in the fast moving crazy world that we live in. Keep up the good work and keep those kids fishing. Nothing like the smile on the face of a child who just caught a big fish. It is absolutely PRICELESS! Tight lines! James

  5. So I have a question that you may or may not know. So I have a HDS-7 Generation 1 with the Platinum chip on my salmon boat. I took the same unit you are selling that came with my boat and put it on my 16 foot duck boat and got rid of the handheld Garmin GPS. So If I were to purchase your HDS-5 Could I use it without the transducer and just use it for the chart plotter and just use that for the maps, and my HDS 7 use it solely as the sonar?


    If so, I am interested in purchasing the unit because I don't want to buy another transducer and power cable and move the HDS 5 back and forth. And at 4am in a blizzard out on the water the HDS 5 is an absolute lifesaver. Can't believe for 10 years I was using my army Garmin trying to navigate.


    Thank you and feel free to text or call me at 315-408-8246  James

  6. hmmm, I still like these downrigger rod holders. I am still wondering if they will attach on top of my downrigger extensions. I am going to have to seriously think about these guys. Why can't I just have all the money in the world to spend as I wish? And I have to pick the boat up tomorrow after having to drain the oil, change the plugs, and replace one coil that goes over the spark plugs. I am pretty sure that the dealer that service it overfilled it with oil but how do you prove it??? I should have drained the oil myself just to make sure that my hunch was right. The coil cost $110 and I drove an hour to get it instead of letting the company that was working on it, order it from Mercury and wait an extra week. Within an hour it was up and working and I can pick up my baby in the morning. Fish on this weekend!

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