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  1. The size of the fish doesn't matter. It is the smile on the kids faces that makes the day. To be honest I don't even really care to catch the fish, I get total pleasure with taking people out on my boat and putting them on fish and making their day. This summer there were so many people who caught their first king, first coho and first steelhead. I had my nephews up from Virginia this summer and they had a blast whether they were catching kings, lake trout, or filling the boat with perch and bluegills. Actually I have to say that one day the two of them caught about a hundred bluegill and were having a competition and it was so much fun to watch them have fun. I won't be putting my boat away until the 1st of December and plan to have many more trips with no one out on the lake. I love fall fishing and duck hunting the islands.


    Way to make the kids summer memories ones to remember.

  2. Way to go. Now you have salmon fever and are hooked for life. Nothing like a 20 to 30 king screaming the clicker out a couple hundred feet on the first run. Then they turn and charge the boat at 100mph and you swear he is gone. Just have to reel like hell when you think you dropped him and when you catch up to him, he will turn and take another run. Bigger stronger fish this year then the last couple years and so many of them when they got close to my boat would just keep on swimming right on by. I can't tell you how many fish I netted on the side of the boat as he was passing the boat. Makes it tough when the bimini top is up. Kings are the closest I get to catching yellowfin tuna, albacore, yellowtail, dorado, and wahoo. I would rather catch two or three kings then catch 30 bass. Something about the line peeling that gets my adrenaline going.

    Great fish and it will be the first of many more to come.

  3. It seems like most of my salmon this year have been on meat rigs with mountain dew, light green/ dark green on one side and chrome on the other side. White spin doctor with green dots, big green e chip with white crinkle on one side and chrome on the other. I don't know the names because after I open them up I throw the wrapper away. The herring I made my own brine with pickling salt and powdered milk and water. I even used brow trout trips this week in the brine and was catching fish. When I filet the fish I left a half of inch on of meat on it. Then I cut with the spots on top down to the white belly meat. Had it on a dedicated rigger this week and caught 4 salmon from 18 yo 26 lbs. Too funny. The other 11 inch e chip that has been getting hammered is one that is like the yellow on the left on both sides. Keep throwing stuff at them they will bite. I have been catching most all of my salmon at 1.9 to 2.1 this last couple of weeks at the ball according to my Fish Hawk X4D. Good luck now go slam some salmon tomorrow.



  4. I am very interested. Have mag 10's on the boat now but one of the motors is shot and won't bring the ball back up, and another one is slowing down so I have to give them some help coming up. I rung 12 lb torpedo weights.


    Do you think that will be a problem as far as the motors go?


    Do you know old they are? Not that it matters.


    Do you think my extendable booms will fit on the riggers? I think they do.


    How do they work, fast retrieve, slow retrieve?


    Thank you, I have to get some replacement riggers asap before the LOC Derby. I have 4 downriggers on my boat and am running wingers on the side, 2 dipseys rods with wire, and if the weather is nice, I run a copper outfit and a leadcore.


    Thank you and hopefully they are available.


    You can answer here or send me a text at 315-408-8246      JAMES

  5. I need some new riggers. How is the speed and motors when bringing up the ball? I run 12 lb torpedos and one of my downrigger motors is totally shot. There is another one acting up now and it is hard to bring the ball up without giving it a hand. I live I Live in Black River, right outside of Fort Drum. I have mag 10"s on my  boat and want to keep the same riggers. You can respond here or send me a text at 315-408-8246. Thank you, James

  6. I have 4 riggers on my boat with extended booms..... they are on the starboard and port sides and nothing down the middle. I have a track system n the middle with rod holders and a tree for spoons and the needle nose. I run wingers on my forward riggers and that keeps them away from each other great. I included a photo of the transom, port side and the bimini top. I paid an extra $900 for what I call the bikini top so it blocks the sun out when I am fishing. The rod holder on the front port side is where I run my wire dipsey 10 foot rod with the Berts ratching holder so I just pull it up and lift the rod straight out. Those pics were from last year on my boat.

    bikini top.jpg

    port side of boat.jpg

    rear of boat.jpg

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