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  1. We can rant all we want to vent our frustration.  When you start to take it out on each other it defeats the purpose.  We all know the only way to see a possibility of change is to write to your local legislator and voice your opinion.  Obviously, it won't be an immediate change but if enough voices are heard then there is a possibility of change.  Then it is up to us to police ourselves and social distance at the launch and not make a huge deal about it.  Its not an easy fix.  Fight through it and persevere.  
    Thanks for posting this Dennis. I have written to both our assemblyman and the Governor on this issue. I truly believe boat launches and marinas are not a big issue related to the spread of this virus. Fishing and boating are a great stress reliever in these tough times. As a boat owner with a boat in a marina I can say this decision is tough to deal with. I have many thousand of dollars invested and I very much enjoy fishing with my family and friends. This is a poor decision made by our government. Instead of complaining on our forum please write to our state representatives.

    I would also like to add that many of the Lake Ontario business owners have been dealing with a lot problems due to high water. They need the support of citizens and the government. Please support local business if you can. Let's all deal with this together and get through it.

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  2. Great explanation of stumpage prices. As a consulting forester, I explain this concept dozens of times every year to landowners. Many landowners seem to think every tree is worth hundreds of dollars. High grade saw timber and veneer are not contained in every tree! They are not common and therefore worth a lot of money. Timber and lumber markets are constantly changing these days. That effects pricing from season to season too. Trust the addvice of your forester. Great job Pete! Thanks for posting this video. Good luck with your fishing season!

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  3. I believe the DEC took the deer. He went with the guys to get it. He asked me take off before they went to get it. Every one was being civil, I am sure the officer wanted to prevent any tensions from blowing up.
    I am meeting with officer this afternoon to give a statement. I spoke with landowner last night. She also wants to press charges. I hope these guys learn their lesson. I doubt it! But one can hope.

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  4. Been following this thread for a couple years and really enjoy it! I have had a good season so far. Four deer down including a mature 8 point on the morning of November 18. I have been focusing on taking my two boys(6 and 9) over the past couple weeks holding out hope for a lone mature doe. I have been leaving the field on the property alone, in spite of seeing deer there every evening. Trying to leave them alone and letting a couple bucks eat without being pushed.

    Sitting in my my ground blind this afternoon with my 6 year old, Phil, we heard a very close shot fired in the field at 4:05. We packed up and headed out to investigate. There was a truck parked next to the field that I had been avoiding!

    I called the DEC officer in our area after seeings foot prints heading into my leased land. Three guys came out of the brush including a young kid. I told them the game warden was on route. They were very polite and remorseful of what they had done. I doubt they cared about ruining my hunt, and potentially putting Phil and I in danger.

    The officer made it there in less than 10 minutes. He did a great job handling the situation. I am very thankful he was so close. I am going to press charges against the guys that did this. My lease is clearly posted and I am sure they had full intent! It's sad that these things happen. I wish people would respect others land and not engage in these activities.

    Both my boys are now nervous about going hunting. It's really not fair to them. Plus the guys had a young person with them. Talk about teaching a bad lesson....the whole experience really makes me sad!
    The DEC officet has been excellent and I am grateful for his help. Good luck to all during muzzleloader! I don't intend on letting today's experience stop me from hunting and taking my boys.

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