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  1. Check with the local customs office when you get there.  I was in Michigan (St. Clair River) last month, and they told me that as long as I didn't tie up (including to another boat) I did not have to call ahead.  Just make sure you have your boat registration, canadian fishing license, and passport with you.  They were very nice about it.

  2. July 23th & 24th - Chautauqua Lake Tournament

    Prendergast Launch Sign up @ 7am to 8 am July 24th.$25 entry and optional $5 for 50 inch pot. There is a $10 additional fee for non-members. Total points per team max. 4 rods per boat. Fish may be witnessed by any tournament participant, 50" pot must be witnessed by someone in another boat. Channel 9 on vfh radio will be used for the tournament

    Brought to you by Three Rivers Chapter of Muskies Inc.


  3. I took a ride today and stopped at the Happy Hooker this afternoon. Brian said he sold a weeks worth of bait today!!! Guys I talked to were pounding the crappies and perch.

    I told Brian I wanted another one of those Baker baits. He's sold out again. (I need another lure like I need........well let's just say I don't need any more lures.) He told me not to worry, he's getting more before musky season. Thought it wouldn't hurt to ask for them by name. ;)

    Good luck next week in Ohio. No fishing for me until I get the crops planted.

    Thanks again to all who play a part in minnow fund raising!

    And, Capt. Larry, I don't need to catch a dozen, just a couple of 50's.

    Ray J

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