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  1. Alewives invaded the shores of Webster park today, Seagulls and Herons had a field day, most were very large in the 6-8 in range, they were in large " bait balls" but then there were also hundreds whirling in circles madly on their own, do they also suffer from thiamine deficiency or something else happening?

  2. check out Spider Rybaak's post on the Salmon River egg take here under October titled "MORE TO COME"  The population is strong on the SR. I like his point about evolution and nighttime migration


    noticed fishing the Genny that the piers did not see the big numbers of earlier years but when you hit the falls at peak it was loaded with fish - more sneaking in at night.



  3. I was actually crappie fishing when I caught a bowfin but the bass were striking here & there also


    I'm glad to see so many bass in the bay this year

    the die off last spring caused by ?who knows what? seemed to have hit the bass population hard last year

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